Trenton Daniel

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Trenton B. Daniel
Flag of the Republic of Danielland
President of the Republic of Danielland
Asummed office
14 February 2015
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 2003 (age 19–20)
Citizenship Dual with Danielland and U.S.
Nationality Daniellandic
Residence Danielstown, Federal District
Religion Christianity

Trenton Daniel was born in 2003, and is founder and a citizen of the micronation, the Republic of Danielland. He is serving as President of that nation as of 14 February 2015. His first Presidential term started when the Republic of Danielland peacefully transformed from a Monarchy to an Elective Dictstorship. Although terms of a Daniellandic President only last one year, there are no signs that his Presidency will end. No other Daniellandic citizens have shown interest in becoming President, and there are no limitations to how many terms a Daniellandic President may serve. He is in charge of all government agencies, and makes all decisions of the country.

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