Worker's Party of Sonora

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Worker's Party of Sonora
ChairmanBuster McCovey
Vice ChairmanCali the Bear
General SecretaryMark Olsen
FoundedFebruary 2, 2018 (reconstituted)
January 2, 2018 (as Popular Patriotic Front
December 6, 2016 (as Theodorist Party)
DissolvedApril 9, 2018
Membership  (2018)13
IdeologySocial democracy
Democratic socialism
Sonoran nationalism
California nationalism
Cascadian nationalism
Pacific regionalism
Political positionLeft to Centre-left
National affiliationSonora
Official coloursRed

The Worker's Party of Sonora (WPS) was a socialist, and at times Marxist-Leninist, party that governed the Republic of Sonora. It was the leading light in the Progressive Front which comprised the Democratic Party and K9 Party until March 2018. The Worker's Party has been regarded as the Vanguard Party and had significant control and influence over the state until Titus Smith was deposed in March 2018. The party began as the Theodorist Party upon the reorganization of the Sonoran Alliance nations into the Sonoran Empire. The party for its entire existence held a democratic socialist and social democratic stance and favored a Theodorist-style monarchy. However, at the end of Summer 2017, upon gaining power, the Theodorists rebranded as the Worker's Party as a socialist revolution rippled throughout the Empire. The monarchy was abolished in favor of a socialist state and the Worker's Party seized power with its General Secretary, Titus Smith, as President of the Democratic People's Republic of Sonora, which was declared shortly after the August 15th elections. The party convened the 2nd Party Congress where it elected its Central Committee and Politburo. Former Emperor and independent, Buster McCovey, who had been a non-registered, but supported member of the Stuffy Unity Party became radicalized during the movement, and joined the Party in August. His influence convinced many from various other parties to join the Worker's. The party faced dissent following a planned move by party leader, Smith, to Oregon. This caused division in the party with many members leaving and the party eventually forced to dissolve on November 12, 2017. After converting the nation back into an empire two days after the anniversary of Sonora's foundation, Smith began a process of organizational structuring and power consolidation. Smith formed the Popular Patriotic Front on January 2, 2018 and following the events of the 1st Party Congress (which saw a updates to the ideology and the reelection of the Worker's Party leadership to their positions), led the Imbolc Revolution (also called the February Revolution or Sonoran Spring) which reestablished the Worker's Party. It's primary foundation was to continue to perpetuate a strong Sonoran nation, the beauty of the Pacific land, and cultural protection of the Californian and Cascadian nations. When Smoth was ousted in March 2018, the Worker's Party fell out of favor as ththe nation crumbled.


The Party has a background going back to the Shaoshanian Social Democratic Party that grew more and more radical under the leadership of the Marxist, Titus Smith. When Shaoshan fell, Smith reorganized the party (then known as the Socialist Party) into the Theodorist Party under an imperial Sonora, and the party gained and held a substantial following, ruling Sonora until the August 2017 Revolution when the Empire was abolished in favor of a socialist republic led by the Theodorist successor the Worker's Party. The Party continued to rule until November 2017 when a planned government move to Oregon caused massive outrage and a mass exodus of former citizens and former party members. Coupled with the independence of the Olaf People's Republic and the Feline Republic, the country voted to become an autocracy with Smith consolidating more and more power and suspending all political parties. On December 6, 2017, two days after Sonora's foundation, Smith declared a return to an empire with himself and his wife ruling jointly as Emperor and Empress. He formed a new government with the Pacific Roman Imperial Senate as it's legislature but with limited powers. On January 2, the Popular Patriotic Front was established to continue to perpetuate a strong Sonoran nation with socialist aspects within an imperial monarchy. The Party then won it's first election on January 9, 2018 with 6 seats in the Senate, forming a ruling coalition with the liberal Democrats, now called the Progressive Front. On February 1, 2018 the 1st Party Congress of the Popular Patriotic Front convened where it slanted further to the left, politically, despite protests from a small faction, and hardline it's nationalist and rationalists stances and incorporated Roman Culturalism into it's official platform. The Party also voted to create a Central Committee and Politburo with Buster McCovey being elected as the Central Committee President (styled as "His Excellency the President of the Central Committee of the Popular Patriotic Front convened"). Mark Olsen was elected and reappointed as General Secretary (given the title of "the Great General Secretary"), HIRM Amy Augusta as Vice Chairman and HIRM Titus II as Chairman (given the title of "The Honorable Chairman"). All four comprise the highest organ of the Central Committee and party itself as members of the Politburo. Following this, Smith led a coup to reestablish a socialist state which also reconstituted the Worker'sParty with more power and authority than it had before. The party updated its platform, sliding even more to the left and incorporating Xi Jinping and Titus Smith Thought into the party platform. In addition, the party removed party rising-star Mark Olsen from the position of General-Secretary for "laziness, dishonesty, and disloyalty" after having served only two weeks in that position. He was replaced by Buster McCovey, becoming the new Premier of Sonora, with former party high ranker, Edward Morton, being installed as President of the Presidium. Smith was deposed by the Party and the National People's Congress in March 2018, replacing him with McCovey, leading the party to denounce Smith's Marxist, revolutionary, and communist platforms and abolished the Politburo and the Central Committee in addition to dissolving the Progressive Front. This led to the Democratic and K9 parties being allowed to more freely run in elections.


The party adheres to a an infusion of social democratic and left wing nationalist values perpetuating the continuation and growth of the Sonoran state, the independence of California and Cascadia (Oregon and Washington from the United States) and Pacific regionalism. It also believes that a strong nation needs socialist aspects and regulation of capitalism and and nationalization of industry to ensure prosperity and equality for all. It also rejects monopolistic and corporate hegemony and actively opposes what it calls "fascist saboteurs". The Party is engaged in the belief that environmental protection is a duty of the masses and that reducing pollution is a benefit for all. Overall the party adheres to populism and the idea of national unity rather than revolution against the bourgeoisie. In its 3rd Party Congress held February 16-17th, 2018, the party incorporated Mao Tse Tung, Xi Jinping, and Ho Chi Minh Thoughts into its party platform as well as Titus Smith Though (formerly known as Smithism). When Smith was overthrown, the party rebuked these views.

Originally having little structure like it's predecessor, changes were made once the party had gained more members. On February 1, at the 1st Party Congress of the Popular Patriotic Front (now called the Imbolc Revolutionary Congress), the party adopted and elected a Central Committee and Politburo with Titus and Amy Smith, Mark Olsen, and Buster McCovey retaining and resuming, and otherwise solidifying their positions that they held since the party's creation one month prior and placing them where they had been prior to the dissolution of the 1st Worker's Party.