Theme of Palátkos

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Theme of Palátkos
Flag of Theme of Palátkos
CountryHellenistic Empire of Cimbrun
FoundedMay 20th, 2022 (current incarnation)
Founded byAlexandros I Irikladis
 • StrategosAlexandros I Irikladis (Unknown)
 • Total1
Time zoneEST
Cimbrunese Postal Code

The Theme of Palátkos is a theme of the Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun located in Palatka, Florida. It is intended as a march of Cimbrun.


Palátkos is a Hellenization of Palatka, where the theme is located. It is referred to as a Theme as a means of referencing the Themes of Byzantium, the first of which were created as a means of showing where Byzantine military encampments were located.


The Theme dates back further than its actual creation, having a similar amount of incarnations to the Polis of Avrilía. What makes it differ from Avrilía is that it has never changed location throughout its three incarnations, and it has relatively dates connected to its creation and dissolution

The first was named the Archonate of Palatka, it was founded on August 21, 2022, as a means of landing Basilissa Shantiriya. It was renamed to the Polis of Palatka on the 25th or 26th of the same month, as a part of the Fall Reforms, and was dissolved as part of the Regal Divorce of January 2022. Alexandros and Shantiriya started dating again in May 2022, and so the Theme of Palátkos was created. They broke up again soon after, and it was dissolved once more, and with the two having fallen out, it is unlikely to ever be brought back. The theme, however, did not die out, with the Theme of Krófornt defining the border between Cimbrun and the state of Kansas.