Polis of Avrilía

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Polis of Avrilía
Flag of Polis of Avrilía
CountryHellenistic Empire of Cimbrun
FoundedMay 20th, 2022 (current incarnation)
Founded byAlexandros I Irikladis
 • TotalUnknown
Time zoneCST
Cimbrunese Postal Code

The Polis of Avrilía is a Polis within the Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun. Its location has changed over the years, but it is now located in Poinsett County in Arkansas, where it is expected to stay.


Avrilía is Greek for Aurelia, which refers to Aurelia Dingle, a character from the series Inazuma Eleven that Alexandros was admittedly infatuated with when the province was first named in Cimbrun's earliest years - although it has since been discovered in early micronational period maps that the province was originally named Dingle. It is now commonly accepted that the name honors the Roman emperor Lucius Domitius Aurelianus.


The province was first created in 2019 or 2020, though the proclamation of creation is lost to time. It is assumed that this first province, known as Aurelia rather than Avrilía, claimed a ghost town in Kentucky, an unrealistic claim considering the fact that the Basileus lived in Oklahoma. It was dissolved, though it is unclear when, soon after.

It was then recreated during the Fall Reforms of August 2021, claiming Picher, Oklahoma, though the claim was unsubstantiated. It is also unclear when this was dissolved, but it must have been sometime before the Regal Divorce of January 2022 as Alexandros was much more interested in Basilissa Shantiriya than the Doux of Avrilía, Synaftokrátoras King.

Finally, the province was recreated as a Polis claiming the Poinsett County lands ceded to Cimbrun by the Second Republic of Ethosia on May 20, 2022, with rule temporarily assigned to Polemarchos Jacob Atkinson as Commissar until a proper appointment could be made with the advice of the Archon Eponymous. Luci of Malus was offered the title of Governor on May 23, 2022 by the Basileus, and Avrilía was promised to the Confederation of Malus should they be completely erased from Long Island as a means of ensuring their independence as a protectorate, with the eventual plan to return them to independence once Long Island would be regained, on May 28th. This was later revoked upon learning that Luci had become an Almendrian.