The Tallini Family

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The Tallini Family
Flag of
Motto: Ab Normis Discedere,
Deviate from the norm[1]
StatusDefunct as of 11 August 2019
Official languagesTallinian
• His Majesty
Cesidio Tallini[3]
• Founded
17 November 1998[3]
• 2004 estimate

The Tallini Family, or TTF[4][5] was initially a non-Internet micronation. It gathered its first citizens through an Italian-language newsletter called Sua Maestà. It was through this publication and its global distribution that American and Italian VIPs came to learn about The Tallini Family.

The Italian words for "Fifth World" ("Quinto Mondo") were probably first used in Sua Maestà in the Fall 2000 issue, which was published worldwide in a limited number of copies some time in October 2000. The newsletter was read by few people, but one of those people was Italy's former Minister of Foreign Affairs (the Hon. Gianfranco Fini), and many other Italian and American VIPs read this issue, where The Tallini Family was first defined as a Fifth World nation.

The Kingdom of Bucksfan (or TTF-Bucksfan) evolved out of The Tallini Family, and came into being on 17 November 2001. The Cesidian Church also came into being on the same date. Both entities are more virtual in character than The Tallini Family.


On 5 March 2003, The Tallini Family became first micronation on earth to own a working top-level domain (TLD), the .ttf.

On 30 September 2005, The Tallini Family founded the Cesidian Root, an alternative root nameserver system, and the .ttf TLD was "born again".

On 6 August 2010, the Fifth World Community (5WC), the world's first diaxenospitia, came into being. The Tallini Family was incorporated into the Fifth World Community as a municipal corporation and registered Cesidian law jurisdiction. Later the Fifth World Community was registered with Google on 27 January 2011, and The Tallini Family became its "town hall" is located on Long Island.

The Tallini Family has been described in the past as "[a] democratic monarchy that sponsors the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence." TTF was indeed involved with SETI research in the past.

The Tallini Family has the strongest real world connections of the two nations. It was listed in The NAFTA Register (ISBN 0-9651569-0-7; Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 96-094334) with entities like the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, and the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration for several years.[6]

The Tallini Family (TTF) was attacked by New York State on 29 June 2019, and this alleged "protection" of one of TTF's nationals, who had been kept alive for more than 3.5 years after a massive stroke or CVA by her son, essentially an unlicenced nurse and doctor, actually precipitated her early death on 11 August 2019, less than two months later.

Since 11 August 2019, the Founder of The Tallini Family (TTF) has fallen on hard times, made even worse by the Covid-19 pandemic, and so The Tallini Family (17.11.1998 – 11.08.2019) has ceased to exist.

Government and Politics

Despite originally being a solely brick and mortar nation, The Tallini Family had eventually shifted its legal system alongside its foundations online.[7]

The Tallini Family has rejected the Montevideo Convention, considering itself beyond terra firma purposes due to its national and web-based state.[8]


The Tallini Family possesses a library, containing texts on over twenty eight languages. It also possesses a virtual library, containing texts on over twenty four languages.[1]

National Symbols

The micronation possesses several national icons, such being the symbolic animal, the bottlenose dolphin; a symbolic flower, the iris; and a symbolic precious stone, amethyst.[1]

Symbols of The Tallini Family
Image Name Symbol
Tursiops truncatus 01.jpg Bottlenose Dolphin Animal
Iris germanica (Purple bearded Iris), Wakehurst Place, UK - Diliff.jpg Iris Flower
1280px-Amethyst. Magaliesburg, South Africa.jpg Amethyst Precious Stone


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