The Southerner Gazette

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La Gaceta Sureña
Front page
FormatDigital newspaper (blog)
Owner(s)Carmichael Journal Ltd. (Carmichael Media Group)
Founder(s)Juan Carlos Valls O'Donnell
PublisherCarmichael Publishing Ltd. (Carmichael Media Group)
EditorJuan Carlos Valls O'Donnell
FoundedOctober 29, 2011
Political alignmentIndependent, voluntaryist
HeadquartersMicro-region of Betis, Hispanova
Sister newspapersThe Liberal Herald

The Southerner Gazette (in Spanish La Gaceta Sureña) is a hispanovite newspaper that approaches international micronationalism. It is a registered product of Carmichael Media Group.


It was created by Juan Carlos Valls O'Donnell and it has earned a well-known reputation within the Hispanic community. The Southerner Gazette played a key role unmasking the multiaccount identity of IP (self-styled as "El Cuervo", in English "The Raven").

Since December 1, 2013, Carmichael Media Group owns The Southerner Gazette, after a friendly transfer arranged between Aldo Carmichael and Juan Carlos Valls O'Donnell took place on November 30. Because of this, The Liberal Herald and The Gazette are now officially sister newspapers after years of colaboration.

Ideological stance

The Gazette serves as Juan Carlos Valls' radiator of sound, which he has used to criticize fictionalism, digitalism and support somatism. Valls coined the term "physicism" ("fisiquismo") to design the proper evolution of somatism once digitalism is proven non-viable.

Although The Gazette has a libertarian pro-capitalist stance on many issues, Juan Carlos Valls has properly labelled its ideology as "voluntaryist", defending illiberal micronations on the ground that their citizens voluntarily wanted their micronation to be that way, and thus The Gazette refused to condemn them as oppressive regimes.