The Ossuary

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The Ossuary
Italian: L'Ossario
Castle, Provincial Capital
Location: Col Pion,
Province of Pozut
Built: 1938
Seat: House De Stefano, Feudal lord
Lord: Mattia De Stefano
Castellan warden: Marian Dominici
Provincial seat of: Province of Pozut
Status: in use

The Ossuary (Italian: L'Ossario) is a castle, originally designed as an ossuary, located on the Pascal Mountains, in Vilthia's Province of Pozut.
It is the feudal seat of House De Stefano.
The Ossario is a mausoleum, unfinished, which would house the remains of about thirty thousand German and Austrian soldiers killed in WWI. The German government chose as the site of building a hill called Pion, located not far from the bridge on the river, where you could enjoy a spectacular view of the Tagliamento. The building project was completed in 1937, and in 1938 was built a life-size statue of the mausoleum, in wood and reeds, to assess what would be the appearance of the finished work. The following year began the construction of the structure, made ​​of stone. The outer blocks were from the quarry of Somplago, while those for the interior, the most precious material, came from quarries near Verona. These stones were transported by train to the local station, then rolled up to the top of the hill. The monolithic columns are larger, weighing about 18 tons.