The Caesar Show

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The Caesar Show

The Caesar Show's 2014 logo
Channels CTY 1
Subchannels CTY Radio Yunivers 1
Owner CTY
First air date Septemper 1st, 2012
Host Caesar
(Cesare Zannier)
General Information
Picture format 16:9 SDTV
Official site

The Caesar Show is an entertainment program airing on CTY 1. The show discusses and analyzes various topics such as current affairs, politics and justice. The program generally takes into consideration only issues about Yunivers, but some times also international matters.


The host and presenter of the show is Cesare Zannier, pseudonym Caesar.


During the show are hosted several prominent personalities from politics and from the community, who are interviewed by Caesar and discuss with other guests of various topics.


The program is broadcast every day from 16.00 to 19.00. On Sunday, it takes the name of The Caesar's Sunday, and is broadcasted from 17.00 to 19.00.


Studio and set design

The studio where the Caesar Show is filmed is located in Vignetia and it is the Community Auditorium (building n° 13 of Vignetia).
Some episodes are filmed in a bigger studio, located in San Michele, a group of buildings in italy that are owned by the government of Yunivers.
The set consists of a large stage on which are placed several chairs depending on the number of guests. In the background there are several screens that transmit images according to the theme of the episode. In the phases of opening and closing of the show, they shows Caesar in various ironic poses.


The opening and closing theme of the show is War of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.
During the show there are recurring songs in background:

  • I love it (Icona Pop)
  • Heads will roll (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
  • Sing La La La (Carolina Marquez)
  • Full Moon (Black Ghosts)