Cesare Zannier

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Cesare Zannier
Caesar in the promo image from 2014 season of his Show
Personal information
Born June 15, 1994
Citizenship Yuniversan
Nationality Italian
Residence Vignetia
Religion Roman Catholic

Cesare Zannier, better known just as Caesar (born June 15, 1994) is a Yuniversan journalist, tv host and showman.
Is known for being the host of The Caesar Show, a television program of great success in Yunivers, where him interviews various people and hosts debates.


Cesare Zannier born in 1994 in the italian city of Pordenone, and has always lived in Vignetia. In 2013 he graduated at the Classical High School Stellini, in Udine.
He is currently studying journalism.
Since 2012 he is the host of the famous The Caesar Show on CTY 1