Taipanese Communist Party

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Taipanese Communist Party
LeaderLuke Walker
Founded17 October 2013
Youth wingTaipanese Communist Youth League
IdeologyKyōchuche Idea,
Revolutionary socialism,
Left-wing nationalism,
National affiliationTaipanese People's Democratic Republic
Official colorsRed
TCP Website

The Taipanese Communist Party (タイパンの共産党, TCP) is the governing political party in the Taipanese People's Democratic Republic. It is a communist party of the Kyōchuche Idea. The Taipanese constitution ascribes the role of the Party to be the "leading force of society and of the state".


Compared with other ruling Communist Parties, the Taipanese Communist Party retains a stricter adherence to the tradition of Kyōchuche Idea. The Communist Party is more deeply committed to the concept of communism and has been more reluctant in engaging in market reforms.

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