Symbols of Quertinia

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The symbols of the Federal Republic of Quertinia include the national anthem,the coat of arms and the flag.


The flag of Quertinia was created on the 2nd July.  It is the most important symbol ther micronation.

Flag of Quertinia

The Big Dipper in the upper left corner symbolizes "northern"  (European) mentality, and its position on the northern hemisphere. The yellow symbolizes the Presidents favourite colour, the yellow fields and the riches of the claimed area. The white symbolizes peace and the blue symbolizes freedom and the slavic element.

The coat of arms is incorporated in the middle. The sword and arrow symbolize the traditional weapons and knightly honor.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was created a few minutes before the flag and is a very important symbol too.


 It looks a little like the banner of Gondor, since the Quertinians see it as an example  of strength. The eighteen stars symbolize the eighteen states, the tree also symbolizes the love for nature

National anthem

There is no official anthem. Two anthem are thought to be : Nad Magurou už svitá and Nad Tatrou sa blýska.

Nad Magurou už svitá

This anthem dates from the days of Ponitria,when it was offical

Nad Magurou už svitá,

Nádej v lepšie časy,

Bratia, zachyťme ten leska a ligot,

Odlesk dávnej slávy.

Povstaňme preto, bratia

Rodáci Ponitria,

Nedajme sa cudzím pánom,

A bráňme našu slobodu.

Bude tu deň bojov,

Deň krvi,

A červené zore,

Lež potom opäť vyjde Slnko.

A s ním dávna sláva,

Ponitrie už vstáva,

Ten prekrásny kraj,

Pozemský raj.

Nad Tatrou sa blýska

Is favoured in the east of the country,because of the hate toweards Ponitria.However, it is identical to the Slovakian anthem, so it isnt much a symbol of micronationalism.