Supreme People's Commissioner

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Supreme People's Commissioner is a Rennie-Gaffneyist political title used by the Heads of State in the Democratic People's Republic of Bzan and the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia, in place of the title President or Chairman. Specifically, the title Supreme People's Commissioner is used to refer to the leader of an executive committee (the National People's Executive Comission in Bzan and the National People's Executive Committee in Erusia), as opposed to a Head of State - in both states these offices were synomynous with one another. The role of the Supreme People's Commissioner differs from that of other Communist Head of States in that the office is neither inherently superior or subordinate to the office of the Head of Government. In the modern micronational world the title was only used in Erusia until the eventual adoption of the title by Tiana, Bzan having later adopted the more neutral term President.