Supreme Court of Wellmoore

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Supreme Court of Wellmoore
Established15 March 2021
CountryKingdom of Wellmoore
Composition methodSupreme Court
Judge term lengthLife Tenure
Number of positions11
Chief Justice of Wellmoore
CurrentlyNone Appointed

The Supreme Court of Wellmoore is the senior most and main Court of the Kingdom of Wellmoore, it deals with both civil and criminal cases.



The Supreme Court of Wellmoore was founded on 15 March 2020 by King Luke of Wellmoore as a Non-Ministerial Government Agency in the Ministry of Justice and as the main aspect of the Judicial Branch of the Constitution.

Jurisdiction and Powers

The Supreme Court is the senior most and primary court of justice in Wellmoore that sees civil and criminal cases.

Panels and Sittings

All eleven justices don't sit for a hearing on every case unless circumstances require a larger panel.


The Court is composed of the Chief Justice and Vice Chief Justice as well as 9 other Justices.

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