Chief Justice of Wellmoore

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Chief Justice of Wellmoore
Chefe de Justiça de Wellmoore
None Appointed
Supreme Court of Wellmoore
StyleYour Honour (In Court)
The Honourable (formal)
Member ofSupreme Court of Wellmoore
Reports toMinistry of Justice
NominatorSupreme Court of Wellmoore
AppointerMonarch of Wellmoore
on advice from the Prime Minister of Wellmoore
Term lengthLife Tenure
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Wellmoore
Formation15 March 2020
Unofficial namesSupreme Justice
DeputyVice Chief Justice

The Chief Justice of Wellmoore is the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Wellmoore.

Origin, Title and Appointment

The position and title of Chief Justice was created with the foundation of the Supreme Court of Wellmoore on 15 March 2020.

The Chief Justice of Wellmoore is appointed by Monarch on advice of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice.

Powers and Duties

Along with the general responsibilities as a member of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice has several unique duties to fulfill.

Impeachment Trials

The Chief Justice is always the lead judge in impeachment trial of the Prime Minister of Wellmoore and Wellmoorean Peers.


The primary roles of the Chief Justice is to deal with any Wellmoorean Court cases that relate to violations of the Constitution or where the defendant is accused of treason. The Chief Justice also presides over the Supreme Court.

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