Sultan Ul 'Ahlamistan Muhammad Sheikh Ishtiak bin Mortuza

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Sultan Ul 'Ahlamistan
Fatarh Hukm9 March 2021 - Present
Al SalafSaltanat Established
Born23 October 2000 (2000-10-23) (age 23)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Family'Eayilat Al Sheikh
FatherMuhammad Sheikh Mortuza Ali bin Abdul Malik
MotherWalida Hatun Dilshad Iasmin Rabeya binte Jinnat Ali Sikdar
OccupationStudent of Bachelor of Science
in Computer science and engineering
Monarchical styles of
Sultan Ul 'Ahlamistan
Muhammad Sheikh Ishtiak bin Mortuza
Reference style Sultan Ul 'Ahlamistan
Spoken style Sultan'im
Alternative style My Sultan

Sultan Ul 'Ahlamistan Muhammad Sheikh Ishtiak bin Mortuza, known as Muhammad Sheikh Ishtiak bin Mortuza outside of micronationalism, is the first and to date only Sultan of the Saltanat Al 'Ahlamistan. He is the Founder and only citizen of the Saltanat, having established it on March 9, 2021. Besides, he is also Mushir (Field Marshal) of official Cyber Army of 'Ahlamistan, 'Ahlamistan Cyber Protectors.

Besides micronationalism, Ishtiak is a student in Stamford University Bangladesh, where he is studying Bachelor of Science on Computer Science & Engineering. He is also an amateur Author, Poet, Artist, Reader and Business Advisor.