Storming of Felsbruck

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The Storming of Felsbruck or Aktion <<Sturm FB-V-1>> was a armed storming of the small micronation Commune of Felsbruck, that was founded by the Bartonian military in November 2020, after it was occupied by it. It occured on 20 January 2021.


Cal Sewa, the Doge of the Ecologist Republic of Bartonia, gave the order to the Bartonian military to build an ecologist state on the territory of the former Principality of Felsbrunn. This was done after a few days. Cal Sewa founded the Social-Ecologist Movement there. However, when he appointed Muran Voldokar as state president on November 25, 2020, Voldokar converted Felsbruck into an eco-socialist state. This "conversion" violated the agreement between Cal Bartoń and Muran Voldokar to run the state ecologistic. In 2021, when Voldokar also changed ideologies and the name of the Social-Ecologist Movement (Voldokar turned it into the Eco-socialist Movement), this became too much for Bartonia. Voldokar is driving Felsbruck into a one-party dictatorship. This violates democratic, ecologist principles, said Cal Sewa. So he ordered the Bartonian military Militar Bartoniyy, to storm the government, the dictatorship of Muran Voldokar.

Course of the storming

It was a fast storming. The Militar Bartoniyy destroyed some things in Felsbruck. Back in Bartonia, the special police OSD Obersicherheitsdienst arrested Muran Voldokar in the city Bartonowo. He goes to jail for 1 month, after that we will see, what we´ll do with him, said the press speaker of the special police.