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The State of Ochana, commonly known as Ochana, is a self-declared independent nation, commonly called a "micronation" by external observers. Ochana is a federal republic under a semi-direct democracy with a multi-party legislature and an elected head of state. It has a population of 1. The capital of the nation is Desopolis, formerly called Woodland Village, and the largest city is Arkonia City. The official language of the nation is English; however, Latin, Greek, and French are recognized academic languages, and Adrinean is a recognized minor language. Ochana is a relatively isolationist nation.

Commonwealth of Ochana
Coat of arms
Southern United States
Largest cityArkonia City
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Ochani / Ochanan
GovernmentState Commission
Current: First Ð Commission
Ochanan Ð
LegislaturePopular Authority
Lower House: General Assembly
Upper House: Central Convocation
Establishment19 February 2021
• (as of 19 February 2020) census
Time zoneCST (UTC-6)
All information is accurate as of 19 February 2021.

Ochana was established on 19 February 2021 after work on creating the Constitution was conducted throughout February 2021. The first land claim, which occupies what is called "Original Ochana", is a 5.25 ft2 desk.


The name "Ochana" was coined by the founder of the nation, Ochanan Ð. It has no meaning in any other language, and was meant to sound nice, as well as ending in the letter "a. "The Ochanan nation is currently called a "state". The usage of "state" was used as to avoid a specific connotation of the nation being a republic or monarchy.



The first of the Ochani nations, and the twelfth of the Arkonian nations, was the Commonwealth of Ochana. The Commonwealth was founded on 4 December 2020. The Arkonian Society, an historical society established by the Commonwealth, divided the Commonwealth into three eras: Foundation, Development, and Union.[1] The longest of these eras was the Foundation era, which lasted for 27 days, and the shortest was the Union era, which lasted for 24 days.

During the Foundation era, several laws (then called Decrees) were passed. These include the Establishment Decree,[2] the 52 Weeks, 52 Laws Decree,[3] which gave the government the goal of making one law per week in the year 2021, the Discord Decree, which set up an Ochani Discord server,[4] as well as a press release detailing the plans of Ochana in the year 2021.[5]










The culture of Ochani culture is largely music-based. Musicians and bands such as The 1975, Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, and Fiona Apple are among some of the most listened-to bands in Ochana. One of the first laws, the Ochani Audiovisual Association Act of 2021, established a system of certification of music in Ochana. This system was never used, however.

National symbols

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