St Christophorian Army

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The St Christophorian Army (officially the St Christophorian Armed Forces, Ενοπλες Δυναμεις Αγιου Χριστοφορου/Ε.Δ.Α.Χ) is the official army of the Republic of Saint Christopher.


The St Christophorian Armed Forces are split into two branches:

--Τhe Military Land Corps The Military Land Corps (Στρατιωτικο Σωμα Ξηρας/Σ.Σ.Ξ.), are the biggest branch of the army. It is split into two regiments. The whole M.L.C., are administrated under a lietuntant general and the President itself.

--The St Christophorian Navy The Navy (Πολεμικο Ναυτικο Αγιου Χριστοφορου/Π.Ν.Α.Χ.) is the second branch of the Forces. It consists of two ships, SC/S "Serifos" and SC/S "Phoenix", which are all year at Agioi Taxiarches in the Province of South Aegean. The SCN is administrated by an Admiral and the President.

Other forces that are considered Paramilitary Forces:

--The St Christophorian Police Force The Police Force (Aστυνομικο Σωμα Αγιου Χριστοφορου/Α.Σ.Α.Χ.) is the biggest branch of the paramilitary forces. It consist of two companies, each under the command of a Captain. The whole force is administrated by a Colonel named the "Chief of the Police Force" (Αρχηγος της Αστυνομιας) and the President.

--The St Christophorian Intelligence Service The SCIS (Υπηρεσια Πληροφοριων Αγιου Χριστοφορου/Υ.Π.Α.Χ.) is the state secret police of St Christopher. It is amdministrated by a Colonel and the President.

--The St Christophorian Fire Service The SCFS (Πυροσβεστικη Υπηρεσια Αγιου Χριστοφορου/Υ.Π.Α.Χ.) is the Fire Service of Saint Christopher.

--The Official Presidential Guard The OPG (Επισημη Προεδρικη Φρουρα/Ε.Π.Φ.) is the official presidential guard with about ten soldiers and a lietuntant as their Chief.