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The Republic of Saint Christopher [in Greek,Η Δημοκρατια του Αγιου Χριστοφορου], is a greek micronation created by John Triantafyllos, officially His Excellency General John Triantafyllos, President of the Republic of Saint Christopher, Protector of New Aitolia, Guard of the People at the 13th of March 2016. Saint Christopher, is a greek micronation.Its territory is located at the town of Agrinio and at a place outside Messolonghi. Saint Christopher is a republic but in fact is ruled as a benevolend dictatorship. The President is the Chief of the country. The governance becomes by nine ministries.


The name of the country has choosen to honour the patron saint, Saint Christopher.


At October 2014,the student's of the 7th High School of Agrinio City established the Autonomous Student's Republic of 7th High School,as a try of create a democratic student's community.The system of goverment was direct democracy,just like the ancient Greek communities.The governance,was going on by the Council of the 15,and the Πενταμελες[a council with 5 members].

Everything was good,until December 2014.Then,the Πενταμελεςdemanded more and more power,and to achieve that,they tried to affect the citizens to vote their people.On the center of that crisis,a new council was created,composed by men and women which there against the Republic.The High School Council,managed to take all the power from the two previous councils,and become the only power.That was the end of the Autonomous Republic.

From democracy to monarchy

At December 2015,three of the former members of the Council of 15,John Triantafyllos,Anastasis S. and Aggelos P.,decide to make the country back to life,but with a monarchical government.At 4 of December 2015,they create the Principality of Quintarea,with it's center at Anastasis house.Anastasis was declared,His Highness,Prince Anastasios the 1st of Quintarea.Triantafyllos was declared Minister of Culture and General of the Quintarean Armed Forces [Ενοπλες Δυναμεις Κινδαρεας,Ε.Δ.Κ],and Aggelos P.,was declared Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

   The country,was a constitutional monarcy,with the executive authority to be in the responcibility of the Prince,the legislative on the Parliament of the Lords,and the judicial on the Great Court of the Pricipality.
   Τhe military,was partite in the Quintarean Armed Forces,the Quintarean Border Guard Forces,and the Great Guard Order[An order responcible for the safety of the Prince].

The Kingdom of Saint Christopher

Some months,after the creation of the Principality,Triantafyllos decide to create a new nation,bigger and greater than Quintarea.So,at 13 March 2016 [which is still celebrated as 'Independence Day']he formed the Kingdom of Saint Christopher,with Prince Anastasios,serving now as his king,Aggelos P.[ known as His Highness,Prince Aggelos]serving as his Prime Minister,and Triantafyllos seving again as General of the St Christophorian Armed Forces.

   The reason why Triantafyllos,didn't declared himself king as,he found the Kingdom was because Anastasios was more popular than him,and the people wanted him to be their ruler.The country,was de facto a costitutional monarcy,but de jure an absolute monarcy,with the King and his most close friends to enjoy the luxury of the White Palace [the new operation center of the King and the Council of Nobles],and the other privileges that their positions give them.
   It was this times,that Saint Christopher,grew and became an economical power.Also,the population became more,and the kingdom's territory expanded.

The Great Revolution

    Just one month after the kingdom's declaration of independence,new problems appeared.King Anastasios had started to rule very tyranically,prohibiting some basic rights to it's citizens.Also,he abolished the Council of the Nobles,and  as it was found later,he had spended 40 per cent of the nations money,to his luxurious coronation ceremony,which was take place some weeks before.
   The thing that triggered the revolutionary movement,was the discovery,that King Anastasios had spend the money intended for the soldier's salaries in new computers for the Royal Secret Services,an inactive department of the Armed Forces.
 So,at 29 April 2016,a big group of citizens and soldiers,marched in front of the White Palace,shouting slogans against the king and the monarcy.King Anastasios tried to capitulate with the rebels,but failed and was forced to leave the country.The rebels declared the country to be a republic,and formed the Revolutionary Parliament of Saint Christopher.
 But again,the new parliament wasn't able to govern the country,due to lack of experience.In the middle of that new crisis,

General Triantafyllos,take control of the Parliament,expelled most of his members,and declared himself President of the Republic of Saint Christopher[a title that helds until now].

  The Republic of Saint Christopher,became a highly stratocratic,militarized but democratic nation,that is until now.

   The Golden Age
        Under the leadership of Triantafyllos,St Christopher became a highly militarized,multi-cultural and rich nation.Just a few days after he became President,he started by re-organizing the Army,and making it more effective.He also established a lot of government-owned clubs and organisations,like the Literature Club,a club for writers and poets,which favored reading and even writing stories and poems,even whole books or the Organisation of Orthodox Foreigners,an organisation that protects the foreigners that are orthodox christians [Russians,Slavs etc].
      This period was also well-known for the very common receptions in the Presidential Palace,where they took part senior officers,ministers and other people from the upper class of Saint Christopher.Also,it was the period when the Parliament of Saint Christophorians was re-organised.The Police Force,was a real threat for the criminals,and also all that there against the Goverment.
   The first St Christophorian newspaper The Goverment Gazzete was first publised during this period,and also the first TV channel SC TV [Α.Χ. ΤV,Τηλεοραση Αγιου Χριστοφορου]start to broadcasting during this period.

Τhe Glorious War

        The Glorious War,started officially,at 3 of June 2016.A group of St Christophorians,old members of the Council of Nobles,decided to bring back the 'Glory of the Kingdom of St Christopher'.So they create the Kingdom of Aitoloakarnania,a nation that claimed to own all the Greek County of Aitoloakarnia,in which county,was the City of St Christopher,and five of it's Protectorates.King Athanasios the 1st of Aitoloakarnania,send to President Triantafyllos a letter,asking him to surrend and leave their claims to the county emmidiatly.
    Triantafyllos became furious,and send back to Athanasios a declaration of war.It was 3 of June 2016.The first frays started emmidiatly,with the St Christophorian Armed Forces winning a battle,against the Royal Armed Forces of Aitoloakarnania.At the same time,ambassadors from the two nations were met to the City of St Christopher,to discuss about a posible agreement between the nations,but their tries didnt achieve their goals.
     The second battle,known as The Battle of Disappointment,take place in a small forest near the capital city.The St Christophorians,weren't trained to battle in such rough grounds,and the Aitoloakarnanians take advantage of that so,they easily won the battle.St Christophorians returned at the City of St Christopher,beated by some ugly fellas as a soldier told months after at an inderview.Triantafyllos was also himself very disappointed but he believed that that battle was the last one.But he was wrong.
   At 6 July 2016,a month after the war had startded,Triantafyllos addresed the nation,and asked them If they want to continue the war.The crowd shouted 'War!' and 'Hail to our Chief!'.So the war continued.At 7 July,St Christophorians achieved to almost destroy the Aitoloakarnanian Army,but the Aitoloakarnanians make them to retreat back to the City of Saint Christopher.The St Christophorian Marine Forces came to help,and they achieved to completely destroy the Aitoloakarnanian Army.The 'Battle of St Christopher',was the last battle of the Glorious War.
  After that,King Athanasios was forced to sign a Peace Treaty,with St Christopher.He then flew away to Peloponisos.That was the end of the Kingdom of Aitoloakarnania.

1 September coup d' etat

               After the end of the Glorious War,an era of depression came to Saint Christopher.The economy was ruined,the army was detuned and it was clear that the Golden Age has ended.In the middle of that crisis,one of St Christophers political parties,the "National Socialist Party of St Christopher"(Εθνικοσοσιαλιστικο Κομμα Αγιου Χριστοφορου,Ε.Κ.Α.Χ.],started to take more and more power.His leader,Periandros Metaxas-Papadopoulos,was an extreme right,xenophobic and megalomaniac man.
   So,early in the morning of the 1st of September 2016,the coup d'etat achieved to fend off President Triantafyllos from the Presidential Palace,with the excuse of a new Aitoloakarnanian attack in the northwest borders of the city.President Triantafyllos rushed to that place,and Papadopoulos with his men occupied the Presidential Palace.When Triantafyllos returned back,Papadopoulos send him a message to leave.Triantafyllos wanted to talk to him,but at the end,himself  and the most of the St Christophorian Armed Forces seased to live the city.
   After that,Papadopoulos started to hunt down the few loyal to the official Goverment of St Christopher.He also named himself "Fuhrer and Father of the St Christophorians".The following days,the "Thundertroopers" (Κεραυνοφορεις),a team of xenophobic armed men,companions of the dictator,started to secure the territories of St Christopher.Papadopoulos use the local media to pass his racist and fascist ideas to the people.
  During this time,President Triantafyllos and the leaders of the Armed Forces,were camping in a little hut at Hellenic grounds.The President came up with a plan to regain his power.So,at the 21st of September,Papadopoulos was given a speech to his supporters at Independence Square.At the end of his speech,the crowd approached him to ask for an autograph.At that time,three soldiers from Triantafyllo's personal guard popped out from the crowd and arrest the dictator.

The same time,the remaining armed forces arrest the other members of the National Socialist Party and they trapped the Thundertroopers at their base,the former St Christopher Central Police Station.

   After that Papadopoulos and the other members of the Party were tried and convinced for crimes against the nation.The National Socialist Party was destroyed,alondshide its brutal ideology.

Creation and dissolution of the U.H.M.

      After the spoiled coup d'etat,Triantafyllos decide to create an organisation,to protect the micronations in Greece,and also all the greek-speaking micronations.So,at 14 October 2016,he anounced the creaton of the "Union of Hellenic Micronations"(U.H.M.).
  But due to lach of membership,and some interior problems,the project was doomed to fail.So,at the first days of December 2016,was dissoluted.

Government and Politics

    St Christopher,is a de facto presidential republic but in reality,is a benevolent dictatorship.The executive authority,is in the responsibility of the President,the legislative on the National Parliament of St Christopher (which is partite into the Parliament of the St Christophorians and the Parliament of the Parties) and the judicial on the National Court of St Christopher.
  Every three months,the people are voting a party,to rule as vice presidency in the National Parliament (the presidency,is president's job).Currently,there are four political parties in St Christopher:


Political Position:Centre-right Leader:President John Triantafyllos Colours:Dark Blue,white,gold

+St Christopher's Communist Party

Political Position:Far-left Leader:Uknown Colours:Dark red,white

+Patriotic Front

Political Position:Far-right Leader:Thrasivoulos Metaxas-Papadopoulos Colours:Black,white

+Free Politicians

Political Position:Liberal Leader:George Nikas Colours:White,gold

Constitution and Basic Law

The "Constitution and Basic Law of St Christopher",is the constitution of St Christopher.It is currently under development,to become as functional as possible.


The governance of the state becomes by nine ministries,which they help to better governing of the country:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Responsible for the foreign affairs of the state,the relationship with other countries,and the relationship with St Christopher's macronation,Greece.

Ministry of Interior: Responsible for national affairs.

Ministry of War and Defense: Responsible for the military,and the national protection and defence.

Ministry of Propaganda and Information: Responsible for the media of St Christopher.

Ministry of Culture,Religious Affairs and Education: Responsible for culture,education and religion.

Μinistry of Plenty: Responsible for the economy of the country.

Ministry of Health: Responsible for the national healthcare system.

Ministry of Labour: Responsible for the rigths of the workers

Presidential Office: the liable of the office works as President's representative and as Vice President in times of need.

Law and Order


The judicial system,its the responsibility of the National Supreme Court of Saint Christopher (Εθνικον Ανωτατον Δικαστηριον Αγιου Χριστοφορου).People that have a St Christophorian passport,can ask for represenatation from a state lawyer.

   The St Christophorian Police Force and the St Christophorian Intelligence Agency are responsible for the abide of the law.

Foreign Relations


At this point,St Christopher has informal relations with the Kingdom of Imvrassia and the nearby micronation of the Kingdom of Panoria.Also,there tries to have contact with the People's Republic of Michaelistan.



The military,plays a serious part in the daily life of St Christopher.It is divided in two branches:

The St Christophorian Armed Forces: The biggest part of the army.It is divided in two regiments.The President,alongshide with a lieutenant general,are the the masters of the Armed Forces.

The St Christophorian Navy

The Navy,is the second branch of the army.It is divided into two brances,the St Christophorian Marine Forces,and the St Christophorian Sea Forces.The Navy now have only two ships:

+The "SC/S Serifos" +The "SC/S Phoenix".

Other brances of the military,is considered as paramilitary forces.These are:

+The St Christophorian Police Force +The St Christophorian Intelligence Service +The St Christophorian Fire Department

From all the branches,only the Armed Forces and the Marine Forces,had take part in conflicts:at the Glorious War and the resistance against the Papadopoulos regime.



St Christopher,is located solely in the Hellenic Republic.It is divided in one Administrative Territoty and in six protectorates.These are also divided in three Provinces:

+Province of St Christopher +Province of +Province of

The Protectorates are:

+Protectorate of New Aitolia Population:0 Capital:Elaiopolis A small protectorate,known for the olive oil production.

+Protectorate of New Akarnania Pop:2 Cap:Town of Almighty Located at the City of Aitoliko,is one of the biggest territories.

+Protectorate of New Aggelokastro Pop:4 Cap:Nikopolis A small protectorate,at the village of Kleissorevmata

+Protectorate of New Lysimaheia Pop:0 Cap:Ioannopolis Small territory,also known for the olive oil production

+Protectorate of Agios Alexios Pop:0 Cap:Kleopolis Near New Lysimaheia,also an olive oil production center.

+Protectorate of New Ihaleia Pop:2-5 Cap:Stavropolis Located at the greek county of Evrytania,one of the most beautiful territories

+Protectorate of Agioi Taxiarches Pop:2-5 Cap:Eleytheropolis Located in the island of Serifos,is the only territory near sea.

The Administative Territory:

+Administrative Territory of St Christopher Pop:4 Cap:City of St Christopher The capital of St Christopher,the heart of the country,located at Agrinio City.The base of the President and the Government.



    St Christopher's economy,is descent at the moment.50% of the economy is from olive and olive oil import and export.Also,there is a small grocery shop/cafe at Nikopolis,New Aggelokastro.
    The national currency is St Christopher's Drachma,but the Euro is also used.
  Industries and Companies
  +"Olivex",government-run company,for olive oil production.
  +"Cosmos Films",government-run company for movie production
  +"Amaltheia Imports and Exports",government-run company for imports and exports of goods.



  St Christopher's culture,is a mixture of Greek,British and Imperial German culture.The british tradition of afternoon tea,is kept,also the militaristic imperial german tradition is kept,with the military marches,traditional imperial costums and a "military first" policy.
   The official language is the greek,but also english and french are used in diplomacy.



 In St Christopher,all the television stations,newspapers etc,are run by the government.These are:
+"Government Gazzete" (Εφημερις της Κυβερνησεως)
The official government newspaper,were all the new passing laws and orders are issued.

+"The Monthly Preacher" (Ο Μηνιαιος Κυρηξ) Government-run newspaper.

+"Lord's Voice" (Φωνη Θεου) Religious newspaper,edited by the Independent Orthodox Church of St Christopher.

+"The Book of Knowledge" (Το Βιβλιον της Γνωσης) Literature magazine,edited by the Ministry of Culture,Religious Affairs and Education

Television Channels:

+"SC TV" (Εθνικη Τηλεοραση Αγιου Χριστοφορου) State-run channel.

+"AF TV" (Τηλεορασις Ενοπλων Δυναμεων) Military-run channel,known for the propagandistic programs

Radio Stations:

+"SC Radio" (Εθνικος Ραδιοφωνικος Σταθμος Αγιου Χριστοφορου) Government-run station.