South Azik Civil War

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South Azik Civil War
DateJune–October 2013

NANR victory

  • Creation of the Republic of Azikistan
  • Abolition of the democractic monarchy and proclamation of the nationalist republic.
NANRbanner.png Azikigan Flag of South Azikistan.png State of Azikistan
Commanders and leaders
NANRbanner.png Shady Morsi
NANRbanner.png Timo Vink
Flag of South Azikistan.png Sherene
Flag of South Azikistan.png Kwai Wan-Yong
Arnham.png Anouwar Laddas
Arnham.png Tyrone Der Leeuen

The South Azik Civil War (Azik: Plufte Abarijk Qutore Gurello) was fought in South Azikistan between the government and supporters of the National Army of National Reconciliation in 2013. The war began with an uprising in Anbar in 2013, but failed soon Shady Morsi led his army to attack Various cities of South Azikistan. The Prime Minister Kwai Wan-Yong ordered the Army to start a campain against the NANR and, capturing most of the Anbar Province in engagements with the Azik Army.

After 2 month of savage fighting, the government was defeated when the victorious NANR proclaimed the establishment of Republic of Azikistan