Society for the Improvement of Humankind

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The flag of the SIH

The Society for the Improvement of Humankind (commonly abbreviated to "SIH") was a micronational think-tank created in 2011 by Swena and Axel of Theodia. Its stated goal was to improve the systems in-use by humanity. It operated by means of a website with a forum and a place to upload documents. Swena and Axel used the website until the time of Axel's death in late 2012. Penda Ironhand pledged the participation of the entire Runic Union at one point, but nothing ever came of that.

The SIH, while relatively short-lived, was the source of many of Theodia's earliest legal innovations. Swena developed the parent-child codex system that led to repositocracy, the GOV legislative programming language, the application of the software release cycle to legislation, modlevels (in-line editing-restrictions), optlevels (amount of research required to change a line), and a five-branch tricameral system of government; and Axel focused on reforming the American education system.

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