Socialist Union of Alabama

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The Socialist Union of Alabama is a socialist state founded on July 16, 2017.


The Socialist Union of Alabama was preceded by Engelia. The President of Engelia had resigned and then taken over the country and proclaimed the Socialist Union of Alabama. In July 2020 the current president Tobey Wyles took over the party and country in an online coup, one of his first reforms was to ban religion


The Socialist Union of Alabama is a Single Party Socialist State ran by the National Workers' Party and the president Tobey Wyles


All of the SUA was Christian before the current president took over. Since 13th July 2020 Religion has been banned under the Workers of the Union Act and is punishable by $10.00 USD fine.


The SUA is 100% White.


The Economy is a Socialist Planned Economy. The SUA uses the USD.


The Summary Law is made by the president and the politburo committee, summary law can be overridden by People’s Law which is passed by the People’s Assembly, The System of government is outlined in the Constitution of the Socialist Union Of Alabama.

National Symbols

The Flag of the Union is a red Field with a gold revolutionary star in the top left corner State Flag

The National Emblem is the revolutionary star (in red) with the hammer and sickle below it (in red).

The Flag of the president of the union is presidential flag link the reason that the presidential flag has a Greek style wreath is to represent that he is democratically elected to represent the workers