Workers of the Union Act

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The Workers of the Union act is an act of summary law in the Socialist Union of Alabama, it was passed on the 13th July 2020 By the President of the Union on behalf of the nation, the people and the workers.

Text of the act

An act Passed by the president on behalf of the Politburo and its standing committee and in the interests of the workers to, Ban religion and religious practices, provide for a State security department and allow workers to join as citizens of the nation

Article 1

Religion and all religious practices and freedoms are hereby revoked and banned within the Union, the reason for this is because they cause harm to the free will of the workers to enjoy their work and leisure time

Article 2

Practicing religion shall be punishable by a fine of up to $10.00 United States Dollars

Article 3

Promoting of religion or leading of religious activities shall be punishable by imprisonment of up to 90 minutes, Exile to Capitalist countries where workers are not guaranteed their rights and fine of up to $100 USD

Article 4

The state security department is hereby established to ensure that facists and counter revolutionaries do not attack the sovereignty of the nation and its workers

Article 5

The state security department shall be headed by a council of two or three free workers, chosen by the president, in order to ensure fairness and equality

Article 6

The state security department shall have the power to arrest any citizen who is opposed to the workers, peasants and their revolutionary mind.

Article 7

Any person who informs the president of the Union or member of the police or state security department of any person who is violating the criminal code of the union or undermining the principals of the union which then leads to the prosecution of an individual shall be awarded a fair amount, up to $6.50 USD, by the president

Article 8

Workers of the world may be awarded citizenship of the Union by the president, this shall not allow entry to the union but shall allow them to enjoy the benefits of the free workers of Alabama and shall allow them to join the national workers party

Article 9

Passed by the president of the union on behalf of the free workers of the union