Social Democratic Republic of Foundland

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Social Democratic Republic of Foundland


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: A direct, accepting and smart democracy.

, Foundland
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentPresidential Republic
• Established
19 December 2020
• Disestablished
29 December 2022
20220.45 km2 (0.17 sq mi)
• 2022
CurrencyFoundlandcoin (FDC)
Time zone(UTC)

Foundland, officially known as the Social Democratic Republic of Foundland, was a country with multiple prefectures around Europe, with the main one located in Germany. As of March 2022, Foundland had 46 citizens. The Foundland capital, which shared the same name as the country, was located at 49.38048635850489, 6.6577334334574285. There were also two other prefectures: Danubia, located in the Balkan region of Europe between Serbia and Croatia, and the German Foundland Prefecture, located at the Danube in Bogen, Germany. The German Foundland Prefecture was administered by Joel Eisenreich of the Kingdom of Bavaria.

The prefecture of Danubia was referred to as "Zeleni Otok" by the locals. The entire area was a swamp situated on a floodplain, and the houses already present on Zeleni Otok suffered from seasonal floods. The Foundland government had a plan to protect the planned buildings in response to this issue.

The Foundland Capital had been the legal property of the president's family for many years and was located on a river called the Nied.

Foundland had no economy, but there were plans to make Foundland a leading power in the IT sector. The Foundlandian constitution ensured social security, universal healthcare, free education, and freedom of speech for all citizens living on Foundlandian territory.

On 19 December 2022, Johannes M. Toome held a vote to determine the future of Foundland. With two votes, it was decided that Foundland should be dissolved.


The English name Foundland was derived from "Found-land", as in land which had been found.


Local History

The region of Danubia had been referred to as "Zeleni Otok" by the locals. The entire area was a swamp situated on a [w:floodplain|floodplain]. The houses already present on Zeleni Otok suffered from seasonal floods. Hence the government of Foundland had a plan on protecting future Buildings.


Foundland was established on the 19th of December 2020 by Nils Z. became the Foundlandian Prime Minister after settling a dispute. Foundland had made progress ever since then, with the constitution being written in 2022.


After the resignation of Nils Z. as president of Foundland on 3 July 2022 and a short presidential term of de Tourneau, de Tourneau left the Foundland project after some conflicts with Foundland citizens and ministers. Foundland thus remained as a state, but Foundland was now also claimed by Duckionary under the name of Panagua. Foundland still held claim to the territory, and Nils Z. decided to work as President again.


On 19 December 2022, due to a long period of inactivity, Johannes M. Toome, a minister in Foundland, held a vote with the permission of the president to determine the future of Foundland. The options were to dissolve Foundland, to reach out to Duckionary to explore the possibility of merging with Panagua, to reach out to a different micronation to join them or to do nothing. With two votes, it was decided that Foundland should be dissolved. Panagua is now developing on its own.

Politics and government

Foundland was the Presidential Republic with a parliament as its legislature.

Foreign relations

Foundland had strong diplomatic ties with Amazonia, Terrerité, Salanda and Yara. Foundland aspired to establish diplomatic ties with UN member states.


Foundland had no military and had stated the intention of not creating one because does not support war. The only national protection was national security, which also acted as the police.

Geography and climate

Foundland was located in the Terra Nullius named Pocket 1
A picture of Foundlandian nature

Danubia was located in Europe inside the Balkan region. It was located between Serbia and Croatia inside a Terra Nullius named Pocket 1. Danubia had a Mediterranean climate. It was entirely covered in trees and had access to the ocean through the Danube.

The territory of Danubia was claimed by several micronations, such as Sredina, Enclava and Duckionary.