Kingdom of Siderum

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Kingdom of Siderum
Flag of Siderum.pngHouse of Bri'Smith.png

Vitam generat mortem (Latin: Life begets death)
Map of woodside dr modesto california.jpg
Modesto, United States
Capital cityWonfretunan, Woodside Province
Largest cityWonfretunan, Woodside Province
Official language(s)English, Español
Official religion(s)Mormonism, Christianity
Short nameSiderum
GovernmentFascistic Absolute Monarchy
- Duce<Not yet appointed>
- KingB. J. Smith
EstablishedAugust 8, 2013
Area claimed14.69229 acres/639996.1524 ft²
Population1 (as of 1901 census)
CurrencySiderumian Dollar
Time zone(UTC-05:00)
National sportSkateboarding
National animalThe Greyhound
This nation is a member of the International Organization of United Micronations

The Kingdom of Siderum is a micronation founded on Thursday, August 8, 2013, CE. It is a beautiful nation, with friendly citizens.

However, on August 11, 2013, the IOUM was "temporarily disbanded", meaning that the once-alive Micronation of Siderum is never more, having been a Micronation for merely 3 days. Rumors of it returning are spreading around, but if enough time passes, they might forever remain rumors.


The name of Siderum, contrary to the popular belief that it was the mesh of "side" and "rum", was named from the combination of the Latin word "fibrum" (meaning "smith") and the Greek word "σιδεράς" (or siderás, meaning "smith"); how this was done is given away by the words themselves. The name was, of course, derived from the founding family's surname, Smith.


Ancient Modesto

Though many parts of the Central Valley had Native American tribes, Modesto wasn't exactly one of them. As Modesto had no original Native American population, neither did Siderum.

Founding of Modesto

Modesto, originally a stop on the railroad connecting Sacramento to Los Angeles, was founded in 1870 and was to be named for William C. Ralston, financier of many projects in early California. However, he declined the suggestion and a Spanish-speaking railroad worker at the naming ceremony said that Ralston was "Muy modesto" (very modest). Thus, the town was named Modesto. It is unknown at this time if this story is mere folklore or fact. The city was incorporated in 1884, at which time it had over 1000 people. With fields of grain and the proximity of the river (grain barges during the flood season) and railroad traffic, the town grew.

Future Siderum?

The leader of Siderum's Partisans, BJ Smith, is saying that "Modesto's lovey-dovey attitude is marking its failure as a beacon of the United States of America; soon, this barely stable lifestyle will bring Modesto to ashes, and from those ashes will arise Siderum!" Of course, despite the false feeling of patriotism felt by BJ, this "utopia" of his might never be realized, mainly due to the actual effectiveness of Modesto's community volunteer services, actually making it prosper further. Maybe his prediction is just a rumor; maybe it's a myth—only time will truly tell, as far as can be told. BJ Smith later stated, "I might not--nay, refuse, to start a revolution or other such folly action, as the prophecy will occur peacefully, anyhow."

Government and politics

The current government of Siderum is mostly formed by the King, whose power is hereditary, and the Duce, who is elected by the people. The party system is under the regime of the Mormon Fascist Party, which has restated the government a "Fascist Absolute Monarchy" due to its combination of Fascism and Absolute Monarchy as one form of government.

Law and order

The King creates decrees, which are carried out by the Royal Guard. The process of the Judicial system is carried out by Judges who are appointed by the King. The Duce must arrange a petition and send it to the King for approval in order for the Duce to "create" a law; if one is approved, then the 1st Guard is charged with enforcing it.

In August 8, 2013, there wasn't any decrees created nor were there any petitions approved.

Foreign relations

Beginning in August 8, 2013, the Micronation of Siderum has been in constant isolation, causing anyone alien to the country to be viewed as a "vile outsider".


The Military is formed from the Three Branches, or the Guard Branch, the Army Branch, and the Air Branch.

Guard Branch

The Guard Branch is ranked 1) The Royal Guard, 2) The 1st Guard, and 3) The Militia. This branch was specifically designed to enforce the law, and isn't entirely considered a military branch.

Army Branch

The Army Branch is composed of the Siderum Cavalry and the Siderum Infantry, whose ranks are 1) Commander-in-Chief (held by the Duce, or in his absence, the King), 2) General, 3) Captain, 4) Sergeant, and 5) Dandy.

Air Branch

The Air Branch is the air-force of Siderum, whose ranks are 1) Commander-in-Chief (held by the Duce, or in his absence, the King), 2) Commander, 3) Colonel, 4) Warrant Officer, and 5) Corporal.

Geography and climate

The land isn't necessarily "land" anymore, so much as a suburban, concrete-and-asphalt filled desert. There is also no direct access to water, thus demanding cooperation with the neighboring Modesto, California.


The Economy is run by the Siderum Dollar (abbr. SR$) as its currency; the export is mainly tourism, and the import is mainly fresh water. The territory isn't large enough for any immense industries, so, they will rely on the future half of the park to be reserved as farmland.


The culture of Siderum isn't too original; in fact, the majority of the culture is borrowed from the nearby Modesto's culture, also sharing its sources of education, but in private sessions specifically reserved for its citizens. The majority of whatever "culture" exists in Siderum not only is comprised of the Modesto culture, but combining that with the Mormon religion and the locally-prevalent Mexican culture.


All Media is either ran by or processed through the Duce, who tends to gear the orientation of favoritism toward the King and himself in the form of propaganda, with propaganda being the main means of media production in Siderum.

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