Seybold Geographical Society

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Seybold Geographical Society
SGS Logo.jpeg

Headquarters None Yet

Membership 1

Director Cooper Norfolk

Established 2 October 2018

The Seybold Geographical Society is an independent organisation in the Democratic Republic of Seybold. Its purpose is to “explore and find historical objects around the world and the Democratic Republic of Seybold”.



Date Location Expedition Name Notes Records
6 October 2018 Democratic Republic of Seybold Expedition Eye Expedition Eye adventured around the Democratic Republic of Seybold and uncovered 350 Historical Artifacts. N/A
7 October 2018 Lake Rogers Park Expedition Poo Bear The Expedition will explore the area around Lake Rogers Park. N/A
23 December 2018 Outskirts of Brevard, North Carolina Expedition Northern Snow The Expedition explored a small forest area around the outskirts of Brevard, North Carolina N/A
24 February 2019 Area close to Weedon Island Preserve, Florida Expedition Weedon The Expedition explored an area close to Weedon Island Preserve, Florida N/A

Locations Named

These locations have been unofficially named by the SGS.

Name Coordinates Expedition Name Reason of Naming Date
Parker’s Creek About 35.139209º N -82.723226º W Expedition Northern Snow Unknown 23 December 2018
Sticktripper Hill About 35.138907º N -82.723038º W Expedition Northern Snow Known for tripping people. 23 December 2018
Rattlesnake Peninsula About 27.90101, -82.53237 Expedition Weedon It is possible that there are Rattlesnakes on the Peninsula. 24 February 2019
Semper Fi Beach About 27.898462, -82.533847 Expedition Weedon It was the First Spot landed on by an SGS Borrowed Naval Boat. 24 February 2019
Rattlesnake Grasslands About 27.898643, -82.533530 Expedition Weedon The Grasslands were named after Rattlesnake Peninsula 24 February 2019
Luden Beach About 27.898363, -82.533472 Expedition Weedon The beach is named after a derivative of Seclude 24 February 2019
Michelob Cliff About 27.898506, -82.533822 Expedition Weedon The Cliff is named after a bottle of Michelob that was found on the top of the hill. 24 February 2019

Independent Projects

These are the independent projects conducted by the SGS.

Name Status Explanation Expedition Date
Leaf Time Wear Project Future A leaf specemin will left in a plastic bag for a small period of time to see the change of size. Expedition Northern Snow 23 December 2018
Further Snow Freeze Project Finished A snow specemin was put in a freezer until 25 December to see change in the thickness of freeze. Expedition Northern Snow 23 December 2018
Annual Pot Weight Development Project Future A quartz specemin will be in a pot that is constantly for a year watered to see if the weight changes. Expedition Northern Snow 23 December 2018