Seybold Department of Elections

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Department of Elections
Department overview
Formed4 October 2018
JurisdictionDemocratic Republic of Seybold
HeadquartersNone Yet
Minister responsible

The Seybold Department of Elections was founded to meant to register voters in the Democratic Republic of Seybold, announce candidates, managing elections, and creating Debates for elections.


The department is in charge of Seybold government in the accompanying areas:

  • Register Voters in the Seybold.
  • Announce Election Candidates.
  • Managing Elections
  • Creating Debates of Elections.


On 24 November 2018, President Cooper Norfolk, who is also the Head of the Seybold Department of Elections, decided that the logo of the Department was outdated and looked horrible. His solution was to create a new logo for the Seybold Department of Elections. At about 6 A.M. UTC-5, he created the new logo. The new logo has the words “Department of Elections” in a straight line. Above those words are the words, “power to the people”, which Cooper Norfolk says means that each citizen has or will have the right to vote. Above the line of words is a black, medium-sized circle with picture of a red fist in a Socialist Form. That was put there to represent the right that all citizens have to vote. President Cooper Norfolk enjoys the logo very much and said that it was a quote, “improvement from the last one”.

New Head

On 2 April 2019, the Seybold Department of Immigration accepted a new citizenship form of the Democratic Republic of Seybold. Overall, this makes the population of the Democratic Republic of Seybold be at sixteen, which is also very exciting. The first citizenship form of the day was submitted by a man by the name of Liam Jeff Henry who lives in Florida and is twelve years of age. Liam Jeff Henry was very excited to become a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Seybold and has been waiting a while for an opportunity to join the Democratic Republic of Seybold. He will be living in Moore, the Province of New Woodlelands, which was very exciting in the small town of Moore. President Cooper Norfolk was also very excited to welcome another citizen, mainly because Mr Henry is a very good friend of President Cooper Norfolk. Liam Jeff Henry has sadly chosen to join the Stalin-Socialism Party of Seybold. He wanted to join the Stalin-Socialism Party of Seybold because it quote, “was the only party that fit [his] views the most out of all of the political parties in [the Democratic Republic of] Seybold,” according to Liam Jeff Henry. Liam Jeff Henry has been appointed to the office of head of the Seybold Department of Elections. He was appointed to that position due to his experience in the organization and his ability to be diligent in certain tasks. President Cooper Norfolk was happy to hand over his duty of being the head of the Seybold Department of Elections to Liam Jeff Henry. He has promised to fulfil the duties of the office of the Head of the Seybold Department of Elections to the best of his abilities. Liam Jeff Henry was very excited to become a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Seybold.