Seybold Department of Construction

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Department of Construction
Department overview
Formed17 September 2018
JurisdictionDemocratic Republic of Seybold
HeadquartersNone Yet
Minister responsible

The Seybold Department of Construction was founded to control the new citizens entering the Democratic Republic of Seybold.


The department is in charge of Seybold government in the accompanying areas:

  • Issuing Building Permits
  • Routine Checkups on buildings for safety
  • Constructing


First Owner’s Disclosure Statement’s Released

On 19 September 2018, the Department of Construction starting issuing Owners’ Disclosure Statements to people wishing to build. Head of the Department of Construction Cooper Norfolk says that they only need to issue Owners’ Disclosure Statements because there is no law that requires Building Permits. “Building permits are useless for our micronation, one because we are small, and two because most of the property in Seybold is controlled by the government, of which I am the Head of”, according to President Cooper Norfolk. The first Owners’ Disclosure Statement that was released was the one for the Post Office.

New Head of Department

On 25 September 2018, Cooper Norfolk handed over his head of the Department to Iyan Seeker, to create Political Diversity.

First Building Permit Released

First Building Permit in the Democratic Republic of Seybold

On 20 October 2018, the process of making the first ever department headquarter in Seybold began and ended. The Seybold Department of Printing and Engraving, the in charge of Printing Seyboldish Florins, received a headquarter for their activities. The DOPAE Headquarter is in the same building as the First National Post Office of Seybold, which is controlled by the Seybold Postal Service. The DOPAE headquarter is in the same building because there is a printer in it, which is essential for the printing of Seyboldish Florins in the future. The DOPAE and the First National Post Office of Seybold will be sharing the land together, meaning that they will both share the land and the abilities of the land. First in the process of building the headquarters was writing up the first ever building permit that the Seybold Department of Construction has given out. It consisted of the owner of the properties name, email, the city and province in which the land was located in, the Applicant name, signature, email, the contractor signature, email, if the building permit was for a revision, if yes why, the size of the land, and the Approval of the Head of the Department of Construction. The Owner and the Applicant were President Cooper Norfolk, who owns the land to work on. The Contractor, who is also the Head of the Seybold Department of Construction, was Iyan Seeker. The exact size of the land in use by the Seybold Department of Printing and Engraving is 0.135483987096 square meters, which is just the printer that is in the building. The Building Permit was approved by the DOC at about 7:30 A.M. UTC-5.

First Blueprint for Residential Property Approved and Transported to Department of Housing and Addressing

On 29 October 2018, President Cooper Norfolk decided to submit the first ever blueprint for a residential building in the Democratic Republic of Seybold to the Seybold Department of Construction. This blueprint was for the house of President Cooper Norfolk, the first Residential Property of Seybold. The house he would like to build is in the New Springfield, the Federal District of New Springfield. It is an apartment style building that takes up almost half of the top bunk bed that is in New Springfield. It is exactly 0.9797 Square meters with two rooms, one the main area and the other the “Bedroom” like area, which is just a pillow. It was first sent to the Seybold Department of Construction to be approved by the Head of the Department, Iyan Seeker, since it is still a building and falls under their half-jurisdiction. It was approved by Iyan Seeker at 9:05 A.M. UTC-5. After that, it was given to the Seybold Department of Housing and Addressing. From there, it was approved by the Head of the DOHA, President Cooper Norfolk, and stored away. It was approved by President Cooper Norfolk at 4:50 P.M. UTC-5 and it will be built officially on 3 November 2018.

On 15 November 2018, President Cooper Norfolk, who had permission from the Head of the Seybold Department of Construction Iyan Seeker, decided that the logo of the Department was outdated and looked horrible. His solution was to create a new logo for the Seybold Department of Construction. At about 8 A.M. UTC-5, he created the new logo. The new logo has the words “Seybold Department of Construction” in a semi-circular form of a bend. Below those words is a picture of two buildings in dark blue and white. That was put there to represent the future of the Seybold Department of Construction, which is being able to build larger buildings. Next to those pictures is a blue and dark blue stripe that starts small towards the left and grows larger as it progresses to the rights and swoops up.