Second Baltian War

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The Second Baltian War
Map of the CBS
Date: 27 September 2009 - 10 October 2009
Outcome: The Kingdom of Buria officially dissolves on 29 September 2009. Cheslovia withdraws recognition of all Baltian nations, except Ud Mahazar and Malokaz. The Federation of Seldov-Volodovkaya officially dissolves on 2 December 2009.
Kaznian flag.pngCheslovian Federation,

Malokaz.jpgMalokaz, UD.jpgKingdom of Ud Mahazar

Cbs.pngConfederacy of Baltian States:

File:Flag of Érvas.pngRepublic of Arvas, Y.jpgRepublic of Belouidzha, Aigor.jpgRepublic of Aigoria
Obilninian Alliance:
Kingdom of AndyriaOakenia

Tr.jpgTransbaltian Republic, Eszakpohi.jpgEmpire of Eszakpohi
President Urosh Dushanov, King Zarniq Hutanev, King Artur Voyislav President Vatslav Duskaniyai, President Luch Daudzas President Rozha Nazdratenko, Csázár Között
3 1 Arvasian, 1 Aigorian, 100 Andyrians, 50 Oakenins 1 Eszaian, 1 Transbaltian
None None None

The Second Baltian War began on 26 September 2009 during the internal crisis of the CBS, and ended on 10 October 2009. The war was declared by the Cheslovian Federation and supported by its close allies, Ud Mahazar and Malokaz. The war began after officials from Ud Mahazar, Cheslovia and Malokaz met after the CBS crisis talks of September 2009, and discussed the situation, during the conversation, President Urosh Dushanov of Cheslovia mentioned his growing sadness of the CBS and the amount of Baltian nations in existence, he began to talk of the First Baltian War and how it split Cheslovia for good, he then stated that a second Baltian war was needed to bring it together again. Ignoring the Baltian Council's legislation he and the leaders of Malokaz and Ud Mahazar declared war on all other Baltian nations, Cheslovia has agreed to the existence of Ud Mahazar and Malokaz, however all other Baltian micronations ae to dissolve back into England and all ethnic Cheslovians are to join Cheslovia fully.

The CBS, now composed of only three micronations, have voiced their concern at the declaration of war and its disappointment of the break up of the CBS. Meanwhile, the three other micronation of Buria, Transbaltia and Eszakpohi have split from the CBS and joined together to defend their right as an existing micronation. The Federation of Seldov-Volodovkaya is having an internal governmental conflict concerning the war but is currently neutral, Cheslovia has ordered that Seldov-Volodovkaya join Cheslovia.

Urosh Dushanov's battle

The President of Cheslovia, Urosh Dushanov, has argued that ever sinc the Baltian nations project was launched, more and more citizens have become less active in Cheslovia, he also says that if this continues, it will be the death of Cheslovia, or at least contribute to it. He blames the creation of the CBS, calling the organisation his own mistake, and calls for the destruction of the CBS before it consumes Cheslovia and separates its people into different micronations.

Dissolution of Buria

On the 29th September 2009, the Kingdom of Buria declared that it would return control of its ethnic Cheslovian citizens to the Cheslovian Federal government, and Dissolve Buria fully into England, all aspects of Buria culture were to be abandonned and all records of Burian culture will be put into the Cheslovian National Archives. The King of Buria apologised to Urosh Dushanov and the Cheslovian government, it is worth noting that the then-King of Buria is a relative of Urosh Dushanov. It is currently unknown of what is to become of the so-called "Corporate Republics". The next day on the 30th, the Transbaltian Republic and the Empire of Eszakpohi both laid claim to what was once Burian claimed territory.

The Obilninian Sector enters the war

On 1 October 2009, two countries from the Obilninian Sector, located in Slovakia, joined the war on the side of the Confederacy of Baltian States.

Chuchevich War Summit

An agreement was made on 2 October 2009 to hold a summit regarding the Second Baltian War, leaders of all Baltian countries have been invited, however this excludes Buria due to its dissolution on 29 September 2009. The summit will be held in the historical region of Chuchevich at Gorizlanik Hill, located in Musorov National Park, the summit will begin on 5 October 2009 and continue until an agreement has been made and the war ends.

The war ends

During the Chuchevich War Summit the leaders of Cheslovia, Malokaz and Ud Mahazar discussed three ideas on how to stop the war. The ideas included an invasion on all rogue nations, annexing the rogue nations and halting recognition of all rogue nations. The three leaders all agreed to stop recognising the rogue nations instead of a hostile move. Although the move has been called cowardly by some Cheslovian citizens, it is justified by the following statement: "Withdrawing recognition from these governments will technically render their existence illegal inside Baltia due to the North Baltia Protection Agreement. This will make them nothing more than rebel groups attempting to overthrow the Cheslovian government and the governments of Ud Mahazar and Malokaz and any micronation attempting engage in relations of any form with these rebel groups will be considered an enemy of Cheslovia and her Baltian allies".