Scepter with the Chicken

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The Scepter with the Chicken beside a ceremonial sword

The Scepter with the Chicken, sometimes known colliquially as the Chicken Scepter, is the scepter of the Überstadti monarch. It was originally made for the Coronation of King Adam I in 2012. It is crafted from a rubber chicken discovered during an outdoor expedition of the king in 2011, the year of his accession, held stiff by part of a branch that had a few years before served as a prop weapon for a theatric production. The Scepter with the Chicken was made and named with the intention of creating a parody of the British Sceptre with the Dove. It is kept guarded with the crown in the Royal Residency.

The Scepter with the Chicken is seen in Überstadt as a symbol of the power and responsibility of the monarch. At King Adam's coronation, the sovereign received the scepter to symbolize his understanding of the monarch's obligations to the citizens, such as preserving the state of the national lands and protecting the people from outside harm. Outside of Überstadt, the scepter is among the most famous crown jewels of the MicroWiki nations, and is recognized by many foreign leaders as a symbol of the eccentric elements of Überstadti micronationalism, especially those demonstrated by their king.