Sawatch Emirate

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Sawatch Emirate


Coat of Arms
CapitalTiene Vista
Official languagesArabic, English
• Emir
Establishment31 January 2014
• Census
10 (at dissolution)

The Sawatch Emirate was a micronation that was founded 31 January 2014, as a part of the Empire of Agber. It was originally established simply as Sawatch until being restructured as an Emirate in 2020. It was established by Empress Arlene after settling down in the US state of Colorado. The name was taken from the Sawatch Range of mountains in the Rockies. The last head of state was Emir Issac, when it was dissolved on 28 September 2020.


Original flag of Sawatch

Empress Arlene relocated to Colorado in late 2013, shortly after being discharged from the US Air Force. She quickly partnered with a new friend in the area, who would go on to become the first Sovereign of the nation, Emir Victor. Sawatchi culture was the least well-defined of Agberian nations. Much of the inspiration originally came from the Ottoman Empire, with additional aspects derived from western Native American culture. As such, some publicly stated that the nation felt unfocused and "rather a mess." Additionally, much of its activity was regarded more as an extension of the Empress' court than an independent venture.

During the Empire's fourth era, there was effort put into helping Sawatch stand on its own, with the unveiling of a new flag, and discussion of expanding the number of provinces. Ultimately, much of this never came to fruition, with the few changes actually made being more superficial than anything. Even the new flag, which had been intended to help instill a sense of national pride, wound up being nothing more than the Imperial flag with the addition of three non-descript stars.

Changes as a Result of the Indiana Proclamation

Sawatch flag used briefly in 2020

In June 2020, Empress Arlene returned a large degree of autonomy to the nations within the Empire. Feeling unable to take on additional duties, Emir Victor stepped down, with Bey Isaac taking his place. The former Emir then assumed the role of governorship for Lenado. This effectively resulted in Victor and Isaac switching roles.

Isaac immediately began creating a more distinct culture within Sawatch, which was renamed the Sawatch Emirate. While Native American symbolism would not be erased, the Ottoman influences were declared to be the new way forward for the nation. The new Emir also began working on amending aspects of Sawatch's orders, including dropping Christian symbolism and wording from the Order of Sawatch, as well as procuring more regalia for the Order of the Mile High Breeze. The latter would see an elevation to become the nation's new highest honor, and would see the addition of new ranks.

Days later, the Emirate unveiled a new flag. While it honored the design of the previous flag, it was created to be more visually distinctive from the flag of the Empire. The three blue stars were also replaced with the crescent and star, in an attempt to give the nation more of an Ottoman feel.

Dissolution of Sawatch

Relations between Emir Isaac and Arlene, Empress of Agber had always been tense, even before he took the throne. As he became head of Sawatch, this only increased the frequency and intensity of altercations between the two. On 25 September 2020 he released a strongly-worded and expletive-laden memo highlighting issues he had with the running of the Empire. After conferring with the other heads of state within Agber, in discussions the Emir was privy to, Empress Arlene called a vote to expel Sawatch from the Empire on 28 September 2020. With two votes remaining to be counted (Carthage and Maevis), the Emirate looked like it was going to be successfully expelled, but Isaac declared that he was disbanding Sawatch instead, effective immediately.


The Sawatchi government was a monarchy, with Emir Isaac sitting the Aspen Throne at the time of disbanding.


Level Name Arms Administrator Notes
Capital District Tiene Vista Emir Isaac
Precinct Arapahoe Begum Marissa
Precinct Lenado Bey Victor

Orders of Chivalry of the Sawatch Emirate

While the Empire of Agber as a whole has nearly twenty separate orders of chivalry, there were only four officially considered of concern to Sawatch. The two orders of the Empire, the Order of the Empire of Agber and the Order of Arlene I, both superseded the two orders of Sawatch. The Font of Honor for these Sawatchi orders was then Emir Isaac.

Order Name Established Classes/Ranks Awarded For Notes
Order of the Mile High Breeze 1 October 2015 Knight/Dame Grand Collar
Knight/Dame Grand Cordon
Personal recognition from the Emir Remaining first set of regalia stolen in 2017
Elevated to nation's highest honor on 22 June 2020
Order of Sawatch 31 January 2014 Knight/Dame Grand Star
Knight/Dame Commander
Service to the realm Served as the nation's highest honor from its creation until 22 June 2020