Order of Sawatch

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Order of Sawatch
Order of Sawatch Arms.png
Awarded by the
Emir of Sawatch
TypeChivalric order with three ranks
Awarded forAt the discretion of the Sovereign
StatusOrder dissolved
SovereignEmir Isaac
First induction14 February 2014
Last induction2020
Total inductees10
Next (higher)Order of the Mile High Breeze
Next (lower)None

The Order of Sawatch was an order of chivalry within the Empire of Agber and the former Sawatch Emirate. The intention of the Order was to honor those who provided a service to the Emirate. It was created on 31 January 2014 as the first and highest order of the newly established Sawatch. It was replaced as the nation's highest honor on 22 June 2020, and then dissolved with the Emirate on 28 September of that same year.

There were three classes of the Order, each with their own unique regalia:

  • Knight/Dame which was denoted by the wear of a medallion suspended from a blue and white drape ribbon.
  • Knight/Dame Commander which was denoted by the wear of a medallion of the order affixed to a blue and white necklet. Dames Commander could elect to wear the medallion attached to a blue and white bow.
  • Knight/Dame Grand Star which was denoted by the wear of the star of the order and a blue and white sash, worn from the right shoulder to the left hip. This rank was known as Knight or Dame Grand Cross from its creation until 20 June 2020.

Sovereign of the Order

The last Sovereign and font of honor for the order was Emir Isaac, as then reigning monarch of Sawatch. While his rank of Knight Grand Star officially was equal in precedence with others who held that rank, his status as Member Ex-Officio gave him functional precedence within the order.

Name Year Current Rank Reason for original appointment Notes
Isaac, 2nd Emir of Sawatch 2018 Knight Grand Star Service to Sawatch Originally awarded as 3rd Bey of Lenado
Elevated from Knight to Knight Commander in 2020
Elevated to Knight Grand Star on 22 June 2020, as the new Sovereign of the order

List of Dames and Knights Grand Star

Regalia of a Dame or Knight Grand Star of the Order

Members of this rank were known as Knights or Dames Grand Cross until 22 June 2020. This chart reflects the name of the rank at the time awarded.

Name Year Reason for appointment Notes
Princess Arlene of Kolios 2014 Sovereign of the order Awarded while Empress of Agber
Victor, 4th Bey of Lenado 2014 Service as Sovereign of Sawatch Awarded as 1st Emir of Sawatch
Elevated from Knight Commander to Knight Grand Cross in 2016
Margrave Jordan of Sulli 2020 Counsel to Emir and design services in both heraldry and vexillology

List of Dames and Knights Commander

Name Year Reason for appointment Notes
Marissa, 2nd Begum of Arapahoe 2015 Service to Sawatch Elevated from Dame to Dame Commander in 2018

List of Dames and Knights

Name Year Reason for appointment Notes
Sarah, 1st Begum of Lenado 2014 Support of Sawatch
Dennis, 1st Bey of Arapahoe 2014 Support of Sawatch
Bernard, 2nd Bey of Lenado 2016 Support of Sawatch
Paul Linetti 2018 Support of Sawatch
Jonathan McGraw 2019 Support of Sawatch