Saint Matthew Economic Pact

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Saint Matthew Economic Pact
SMEP Flag.png
Flag of the SMEP

Headquarter in Hashima PeoplesRepublicofHashimaFlag.png Hashima
Headquarter in Vilthia Yuniversnew.png Vignetia

Official language Italian

Membership 2 member-states
Status Ceased unilaterally (2018)

Representative of Hashima PeoplesRepublicofHashimaFlag.png Alessandra Scolti
Representative of Vilthia Yuniversnew.png Alice Zanori

Foundation 17 November 2015

The Saint Matthew Economic Pact, or SMEP, was an economic union of two Micronations, the Principality of Hashima and the Vilthia.
The SMEP was an economic union, which is a combination of a customs union and a common market. The Principality of Hashima and the Vilthia enjoyed free trades and freedom of movement of goods and capitals between them (common market).
As the Principality of Hashima appeared to be inactive, on January 10, 2018 the Decracy of Vilthia withdrawed from the organization.


The Saint Matthew Economic Pact was founded on 17 November 2015, after private discussions between the Principality of Hashima (through its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Giuseppe Ganz) and the Decracy of Vilthia (through its President of the Governatorate, Alessia Garazzini).
The Principality of Hashima initially proposed the denomination of "Saint Alessia Economic Pact", in honor of Alessia Garazzini, the Vilthia's diplomatic which who the Principality of Hashima discussed through private emails about this Pact.
However, Alessia Garazzini rejected the offers, being humble and introverted, and proposed the actual denomination, in honor of Saint Matthew (San Matteo, in Italian), Patron Saint of the Bankers and generally of the Economy.
At today, it covers only a common customs union concerning the freedom of movement of goods and capitals; however it's planned, for the future, the implementation of a common customs union concerning the freedom of movement of peoples and their free travel, diplomatic and business VISA, between the two Micronations.

Member states