Sabinese 'Parlament'

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The Sabinese Parlament
Las Cortes de Sabina
Sabinese Republic
Internal President of the Republic
Acts as Speaker in the Parlament
Harland Jefferson MP, European Party
since August 2018
Exterior President of the Republic
Acts as Foreign Minister
Alban Joseph MP, Green Party
Presidential Court voting systemPresidential Election
Parliament Voting systemParliamentary Election
Meeting place
The Parlament, Number 2 Marshall Street, La Litera ZB1.

Sabinese Parlament (Spanish: Las Cortes de Sabina) is the bicameral legislature of Sabinese Republic functioning from August 2018. The 'Parlament', as it is spelled in Sabina, was established during the Transition to a Republic with the intention of making Sabina democratic for the first time. Parlament is in session for 6 months between Parliamentary Elections, and is suspended during the day and day after of the Presidential Election.


There has only been one election so far for president. However the election was ties between the European and Green Citizens candidates. As a compramise, the President of the Republic position was split between Internal and Exterior posts as a compramise. The Interal President would deal with home affairs and the Extiror President would represent Sabina abroad.


Sabina Parliament has 5 members, starting their term of office in October 2018. Those members are a number of differnt political parties. The parliament is not entirely controlled by the ruling Presidential party, because their has not been a Parliamentary election yet. For the time being, consituencies have put forth their own members without election. Although 2 MPs are also in Presidentail Positions.

Member's Name Party
Harland Jefferson MP for County European Party
Alban Joseph MP for Parkenploutzburg Green Party of Sabina
Inigo Orson MP for Iggiland Sokai Party
Emma Jane MP for Campo Independent Members
Jason Walter MP for La Litera