Sokai Party

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Sokai Party
Partido Sokai
Official Cool DudeInigo Orson MP
SloganHey guys!
Founded1 April 2019
HeadquartersLa Litera
Membership  (2019)2
Political positionN/A
Official colorsBlue, Black, White
Seats in the Presidential Court
0 / 2
Seats in the Sabinese 'Parlament'
1 / 5

The Sokai Party (Spanish]: El Partido Sokai), known colloquially by its short name Sokai, and formerly by its acronym SOK, is one of the five Sabinese political parties.


The movement is led by Official Cool Dude Inigo Orson MP, who stands both and MP for Iggiland in the Sabinese 'Parlament'.


  1. (None at present)

Electoral results

The movement has yet to participate in any Parliamentary election, but it did get 3rd place in the vote for President, leading to Sokai being the Opposition leader in the Parlament.