Royal Order of Prsänëa

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Royal Order of Prsänëa
Nerixe Cxhevøcancxhoogarë alø Persänëta ps
Ordre Royal de Persanie fr
Reĝa Ordono de Persejnio eo
Awarded by the Monarch, currently Grand Duke Wilary I
TypeChivalric order with five degrees
EligibilityAll persons, esp. micronational, who have deemed themselves worthy by the Monarch of recognition for actions committed in good faith and conduct.
Awarded forUniversal merit
StatusCurrently constituted
Motto"Pønephvø phrëgschelisën vesarnisënarë alø recøgenn" (English: "Good faith is deserving of recognition")
Post-nominalsKnight/Dame - KROP/DROP
Commander - CROP
Officer - OROP
Member - MROP
Esquire - EROP
EstablishedJuly 22, 2012
First awardedN/D
Last awardedN/D
Total awardedU/K
EquivalentE Medal
Next (lower)Obsidian Ribbon Decoration
Royal Order of Prsanea ribbon.png
Ribbon of the order

The Royal Order of Prsänëa (Abbreviated: ROP; Prsänëan: Nerixe Cxhevøcancxhoogarë alø Persänëta; French: Ordre Royal de Persanie; Esperanto: Reĝa Ordono de Persejnio) is the highest system of honors in the Grand Duchy of Prsänëa. The order was established as a more formal addition to the Obsidian Ribbon Decoration and as a better order then the previous disorganization of numerous awards given by the People's reformed States Republic. Of the five levels of the award, the rank of Knight/Dame of the order grants the awardee the title of "Sir" or "Dame", and is the only rank of nobility not granted as a peerage in Prsänëa. Each rank is granted its own medal (currently not producible) and post nominals, and all ranks are granted the same ribbon and certificate of the royal order.


  • Knight/Dame of the Royal Order of Prsänëa
    • Commander of the Royal Order of Prsänëa
      • Officer of the Royal Order of Prsänëa
        • Member of the Royal Order of Prsänëa
          • Esquire of the Royal Order of Prsänëa