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Expanded Rikuchreb
Otiĵwa Riküçreb
Regulated byNet Vrokă
Spoken inIjivate of Rikuchar
Total speakers1
  • Rakuietrab
    • Rakjiehrab
      • Rakwiktrab
        • Rikuchreb
          • Riküçreb

Rikuchreb (Rikuchreb: Otiĵwa Riküçreb) is the official language of Rikuchar. It is the last remaining dialect of the Asmerian language family.

Alphabet and Syllabary

The Rikuchreb Alphabet consists of 30 primary characters and 20 accented variants, all of which are written in the Rikuchreb script. The current script is a modified version of the Old Rikuchreb script, which was in turn derived from a cursive version of the Immajer Simlish script. Information about all of these characters can be found in the charts below.

Primary Characters

Capital Variant Lowercase Variant Romanized Capital Variant Romanized Lowercase Variant IPA Symbol Example(s) Grammar Rules Name of Letter
Alf Upper.png Alf Lower.png A a /ɛ/ Allocate Alf
Beth Upper.png Beth Lower.png B b /b/ Boat Beþ
Cha Upper.png Cha Lower.png Ç ç // CHair Ça
Es Upper.png Es Lower.png S s /s/ Soul Es
Esh Upper.png Esh Lower.png Š š /ʃ/ SHine
Ka Upper.png Ka Lower.png K k /k/ Car, Kale, or Qatar Ka
Kha Upper.png Kha Lower.png /x/ CHanukkah [עִבְרִית] or KHan. Ḥa
Da Upper.png Da Lower.png D d /d/ Dog Da
Et Upper.png Et Lower.png E e /ɛ/ Elevate Et
Euth Upper.png Euth Lower.png Ø ø [ø] blEU[FRANÇAIS] Øþ
Fa Upper.png Fa Lower.png F f /f/ Far or PHysics Fa
Ga Upper.png Ga Lower.png G g /ɡ/ Go Ga
Ja Upper.png Ja Lower.png J j // June or Giant Ja
Het Upper.png Het Lower.png H h /h/ Home Het
Ita Upper.png Ita Lower.png I i /ɪ/ It Ita
La Upper.png La Lower.png L l /l/ Loose La
Ma Upper.png Ma Lower.png M m /m/ More Ma
En Upper.png N Lower.png N n /n/ No En
Nya Upper.png Nya Lower.png Ñ ñ /nj/ oNIon Ña
Eng Upper.png 20px Ŋ ŋ /ŋ/ siNG
Ota Upper.png O Lower.png O o // snOW Ota
Pii Upper.png 20px P p /p/ Pond Pÿ
Ra Upper.png Ra Lower.png R r /r/ Real Ra
Ta Upper.png 20px T t /t/ Team Ta
Tha Upper.png Tha Lower.png Þ þ /θ/ THat Þa
Uth Upper.png U Lower.png U u /ʌ/ Under
Va Upper.png Va Lower.png V v /v/ Violent Va
20px W Lower.png W w /w/ Wait Occurs ONLY in front of a consonant or at the beginning of a word.
Ez Upper.png 20px Z z /z/ Zoo or Xylophone Ez
Yoth Upper.png Y Lower.png Y y /j/ Yes Yoþ

Accented Variants

Capital Variant Lowercase Variant Romanized Capital Variant Romanized Lowercase Variant IPA symbol Example(s) Grammar Rules Name of Letter
Ae Upper.png Ae Lower.png Ä ä // bAY or fAte Ä
An Upper.png An Lower.png à ã /æ/ fAn Rare Ãn
Aw Upper.png Aw Lower.png Ă ă /ɑː/ lAW Ă
Ar Upper.png Ar Lower.png À à /ɑːr/ cAR Occurs ONLY before the letter “r”.1 Àr
Ee Upper.png Ee Lower.png Ë ë // sEE,salIne or historY ’’Rare, occurs only at the beginning of a word’’ Ë
E'wa Upper.png E'wa Lower.png Ĕ ĕ /juː/ EW Rare outside the indefinite article ĕ, used in a couple of verbs E’wa
Er Upper.png Er Lower.png È è /ər/ hER,sIR, or fUR Occurs ONLY before the letter “r”.1,3 Èr
Jet Upper.png Jet Lower.png Ĵ ĵ /ʒ/ aSIa or beiGE Ĵet
Hwa Upper.png Hwa Lower.png /hw/ WHat Ḩa
23px Eet Lower.png Ï ï // (see Ë) Occurs ONLY between the start and end of a word. Ët
Ai Upper.png Ai Lower.png Ĩ ĩ // fIne or bUY Ĩ
23px Itra Lower.png Ì ì /ɪər/ aIR Occurs ONLY before the letter “r”. 1,3 Itra
23px 20px Ö ö // fOOd or rUde Rare, used mostly in the transliteration of foreign words (such as Özav), when forming onomatopoeia (such as Vrönh), or in interjections (such as Öö). Üm
23px 20px Õ õ /ɒ/ fAther or bOther Occurs ONLY at the start or between the start and end of a word. Õþ
23px 20px Ơ ơ /ɔɪ/ bOY or fOIl Ơ
23px 20px Ŏ ŏ // cOW thOUsand Ŏ
23px 20px Ò ò /ɔːr/ stORe Occurs ONLY before the letter “r”. 1,3 Òr
23px Uu lower.png Ü ü // (see Ö) Ü
23px 20px Ų ų /juː/ Unanimous Ų
23px 20px Ư ư Muy[ESPAÑOL] Ư
23px 20px Ù ù /ʊər/ fUR Occurs ONLY before the letter “r”. 1,3 Ùr
23px 20px Ÿ ÿ // (see Ë) Occurs ONLY at the end of a word. Yìr


1. Unless in separate vowels, in which case the pair is separated by an apostrophe (')

  • 1a ... and a vowel is added between the first letter in the pair and the apostrophe.

3 A Rhotic Pair (such as àr) is considered a single letter in the Standard Riküçreb Alphabet.


Riküçreb Verbs always have the -rÿ verb ending, which is conjugated into unique endings for each individual verb tense.


There are 3 extinct main dialects of the Asermian family; Rakuietrab, Rakjiehrab, and Rakwiktrab. Rakwiktrab also had 3 sub-dialects.


Rakuietrab was the original language of the Asermian family. It was created out of a substitution cipher and an alphabet based on the Immajer Simlish Alphabet. Initially, it used the original Immajer Simlish script, with the addition of lowercase letters created separately by Netwafekzră Vrokă, the creator of the Asermian language family. In an attempt to create a cursive variant, Vrokă found an appealing style of lettering, so he abandoned the original script and created what would eventually become the Old Rikuchreb script.

Late Transitional Rakuietrab *

Late Transitional Rakuietrab is a possible version of Rakuietrab that shares many aspects with Early Rakwiktrab. It is unofficial and is still under investigation.

Early Rakwiktrab

Old Rakwiktrab was merely Rakuietrab, except this time it had a newer substitution cipher where no letter occurred twice or corresponding to its mirror (such as H becoming H, or A and L both becoming R). Old Rakwiktrab had no verb conjugation system or definite grammatical structure.

Transitional Rakwiktrab

Transitional Rakwiktrab was a variety of different revisions to Old Rakwiktrab. Transitional Rakwiktrab was more of a time period than a sub-dialect, and it saw the addition of the original “TVZ” verb conjugation system (which was replaced later in the same period by the “NTK” system and then the modern “NVK” system), the implementation of the modern two-class alphabet, and the complete overhaul of the Rakwiktrab syllabary. This transition also saw the foundations of the modern grammatical structure of Rikuchreb take form, especially regarding the establishment of the “apostrophe rule”.


Rakjiehrab, formerly called Dezisabek Rakwiktrab, was a relatively unused dialect of the Asermian language family. It was created in October 2013, while Vrokă was still attempting to memorise his own language. He found himself without the sheet that allowed him to translate his words into Rakwiktrab. In response, he reconstructed the cipher as best he could using words he remembered in Rakwiktrab. However, this cipher was not exact, and upon realising this, Vrokă named it Faouarese Asermian, after a former Huro-Atlantic territory in the north of Israel. This name was later changed to Dezisabek Rakwiktrab, and then finally to Rakjiehrab. The Rakjiehrab Alphabet was very small compared to the Rakwiktrab alphabet at that time, just 30 or so letters. It was originally intended for scientific use, then for residents of Dezisab, then for scientific use again. It was never used for any of those purposes though, aside from a vague sheet of paper outlining the structure of DNA. Rakjiehrab never expanded as Rakwiktrab did during the transition, and even by then, it had faded into disuse.

Late Rakwiktrab

Late Rakwiktrab was a result of the Transition Period, and possessed a nearly modern alphabet. It also used the Modern “NVK” system, at least to the extent of the present and preterit tenses. It was from Late Rakwiktrab that Rikuchreb would come to be.

Early Rikuchreb

Early Rikuchreb was created in late December 2014. Its major difference from Rakwiktrab was that it now used a complicated substitution cipher in which letters have anywhere from 2 to 7 tiers into which they can be translated. This system is called the Rikuchreb Cipher. Many words were unchanged between the two languages, especially ones used commonly. Other words were shortened by translating them in various ways, even using Spanish words as bases.

Expanded Rikuchreb

Expanded Rikuchreb is the most recent variant of Rikuchreb. It is currently in use and constantly being tweaked. Expanded Rikuchreb sees the addition of 4 new persons in the conjugation scheme, and a complete overhaul of the Rikuchreb Script. Expanded Rikuchreb is unique in that it now has a definite grammatical structure and a finalised verb conjugation system. Expanded Rikuchreb also sees the addition of a new grammatical concept not seen in any other language or conlang; the Juiscal Mood. In addition, another concept, one which is actually used in certain languages, is the Hortative Mood. It can be combined with the Juiscal Mood to create the Juiscal-Hortative Mood. Information on these new concepts can be found on the language wiki linked at the top of this page.

* Still under study and remains unofficial.

Social Media

Rikuchreb has its own wiki.[1]