Rice Lane War

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Rice Lane War
Western Entrance.jpg
Western Entrance to the Rice Lane Woods
Date10 May 2010 - 20 May 2010 (10 Days)
Gilmoropolis, Rice Lane Woods
Result Starland Victory
San Dover Flag.png Starland Republic NPF Flag.png New Pamlico Federation
Commanders and leaders
San Dover Flag.png Violette Clingersmith
San Dover Flag.png Gregory Layton
NPF Flag.png Michael Layton
13 Personnel 30 Personnel
Casualties and losses
Estimated 4 Casualties Estimated 1 Casualty
Information sourced from eyewitness report.[1]
New Pamlico casualties source.[2]

The Rice Lane War, known also as Operation Ruina was a 2010 conflict taking place in the Rice Lane Woods, homeland of the Starland Republic. The conflict is known for its controversial use of chemical weapons[3].


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