Restored Commonwealth of Cyberia

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The Restored Commonwealth of Cyberia, or RCC, was a result of the Third War for Cyberian Liberation, and was an attempt by the Mala'anje, DSSI, the Skunk Apes, Geoffrey T. Spaulding's Menet Government, reminants of the Cyberian Renaissance Action Party and various Jacobists elements to from a "Restored Commonwealth, based on the fun and freedom of Old Cyberia".

As is the nature of many such coalitions, most either lost interest or became tired of attacks from revanchists interests. The RCC changed its name to the RICC (Restored Imperial Commonwealth of Cyberia) as a Jacobist entity, and is seen by them as a succesor to Free Cyberia.

Most participants of the Restored Commonwealth have since joined the successor state, the Federal Republic of Cyberia.