Resorian Broadcasting Channel

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Resorian Broadcasting Channel

Type: Government Owned Channel
Founded May 29, 2010
Founder: John Walczyk
Headquarters: Roomladesh, Resoria
Motto: "A Station for All"

The Resorian Broadcasting Channel (Resorian: Resaioxio Lynzxzyues Pipuolzxas), also known as RBC, is the national channel of the Republic of Resoria. The channel was founded and made on May 29, 2010. The channel currently hosts on YouTube, and is run by the president.


When president John Walczyk one day found that most countries have a national channel, he deceided to make a channel for Resoria. The channel was launched on to Youtube on May 29, 2010, and the first brodcast was the first verse of the national anthem, Resoria. However, the audio was disrputed more than half-way in. The RBC hopes to broadcast more information and other stuff about Resoria in the near future.

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