Republic of Vilarnia

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Republican Seal

Republican Seal

Motto: Ask me later
Anthem [Looking for one]
Capital Nose
Denonym Vilarnic
National Animal/s Unicorn, Centaur and Sloth
Government Democratic Republic
Founded 27 January 2019
Area This Wiki Page
Location Victoria, Australia
Population 1
National Sport VRL (Vilarnic Resting League)
Currency Vilarnic Wilpee
Head of State President Sonja Coleman
Head of Government First Minister Onesie the Sloth

Vilarnia, officially the Republic of Vilarnia, previously known as the Republic of Poltraynia is an autonomous micronation landlocked within the state of Victoria, Australia. It was formed on January 27th of 2019 by President, Sonja Coleman, who has so far been its only president in its history.

Vilarnia is an atheistic country with all religions outlawed except for Pastafarianism and Sloth Buddhism, a religion created officially by the President and Founder, Sonja Coleman. As Vilarnia is a heavily atheistic country, it is very progressive and scientific in its views.

The Republic comprises of 3 states and 2 self-governing territories that are owned by the Republic of Vilarnia. Both of these were created 5 months after the creation of the Republic, with unclaimed land adjacent to the Republic. While they are entirely self governing, they are under much of Vilarnia's own views such as state Atheism and somewhat of a technocracy.

Vilarnia refers to itself as a "sovereign state" even though no officially recognised nation or country recognises it as such, so it is referred to as a micronation.


States and Territories


Flag Name Region Capital City Largest City Founded State Animal Premier
Flag of Onzington.png Onzington Vilarnian Mainland (Bedland) Nose Nose 5/01/2020 w:Sloth Onzie Onestone
Flag of Wallistan.png Wallistan Vilarnian Mainland (Bedland) Palmerville Hanson 5/01/2020 w:Horse Wally
Flag of South Bedland.png South Bedland Vilarnian Mainland (Bedland) Kinnock Clapperville 5/01/2020 w:Lion Clappy Claprock
Flag of New Sunshine Coast.png New Sunshine Coast Vilarnian Mainland (Bedland) Ehington Ehington 5/01/2020 w:Dolphin Dotty
Flag of Arctic Pillowton.png Arctic Pillowton Vilarnian Mainland (Bedland) Mugville Mugville 5/01/2020 w:Penguin Muggy
Flag of New Costa Rica.png New Costa Rica East Island Juan Juan 5/01/2020 w:Sloth Boop Boopson
Flag of New Rehi.png New Rehi Isle of Rehi Newcastle Newcastle 5/01/2020 w:Bear Candy Mintington
Flag of Kookaburra Cove.png Kookaburra Cove Isle of Rehi Cape York Cape York 5/01/2020 w:Kookaburra Mousey
Flag of Natal.png Natal Mu Islands Sabbathia Sabbathia 5/01/2020 w:Deer Sunday
Flag of San Jose.png San Jose Mu Islands El Toucanistan Phillipeville 5/01/2020 w:Sloth Thanos
Flag of Connington.png Connington Bathroom Province Athenia New Cornwall 5/01/2020 w:Bass Marley
Flag of Loong.png Loong Bathroom Province Sandhurst Dead Dog Gully 5/01/2020 w:Chinese Dragon Alfred
Flag of Sentosa.png Sentosa Bathroom Province Poristan Poristan 5/01/2020 w:Tiger Squishy McSquishface
Flag of Belarussia.png Belarussia Fulshinga New Moldova New Moldova 5/01/2020 w:Bear Mario
Flag of Nuggie.png Nuggie Fulshinga Goat Droppingville Marayballa 5/01/2020 w:Eagle Luigi


Flag Name Region Capital City Largest City Founded State Animal Premier
Flag of Central Bathroomington.png Central Bathroomington Bathroomington Province Pheonixia Ballanville 5/01/2020 w:Camel Sleepy McComa
Flag of Fredrickistan.png Fredrickistan The New World New Hamburg New Hamburg 5/01/2020 w:Imperial Eagle Intelligent Bear

Political Parties

Party Name Ideology Colours Founded Leader Current Seats in Parliament
Sloth Rights Party Symbol.png Sloth Rights Party Slothism Centre-right Blue 2019 Onzie the Sloth
26 / 50
Vilarnian Labour Party Symbol.png Vilarnian Labour Party Social democracy Centre-left Red, Maroon 2019 Mousey
10 / 50
Green Party Symbol.png Green Party Green politics Green, White 2019 Position Open
4 / 50
United National Party Symbol.png United National Party Right-wing politics Nationalism Orange, Black 2019 Position Available
2 / 50
Libertarianism Party Symbol.png Libertarianism Party Libertarianism Gold, Black 2019 Position Available
1 / 50
HFAOFI Party Symbol.png Hibiscus Flower & Orange Fruit Importation Party Slothism Centre-left Purple, Magenta, Orange 2019 Wally the sloth
2 / 50
Vilarnian Workers Party Symbol.png Vilarnian Workers Party Communism Far-left politics Maroon 2019 Position Available
2 / 50
HSR Party Symbol.png Human Sloth Relationships Party Animalism Purple, Black 2019 Position Available
2 / 50
Vilarnian Technocracy Party Symbol.png Human Sloth Relationships Party Technocracy Black, Grey, White 2019 Position Available
2 / 50
Vilarnian Patriotic Party Symbol.png Vilarnian Patriotic Party Patriotism Libertarianism Orange, Black, Grey 2019 Position Available
2 / 50