Republic of Plymouth

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Republic of Plymouth
Plymouth Flag.png

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Capital cityKearney City
Largest cityKearney City
Official language(s)English
Short namePlymouth
- PresidentDevon J. Kearney-Independent
CurrencyPlymouth Dollar, US Dollar
Time zoneEST
National drinkCoca-Cola Slurpees
National animalCoyote

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General Information

The Republic of Plymouth is a Micronation based out of Plymouth,MI. It's current border covers close to 3,000 Sq. Ft. ROP currently has 15 active citizens. The nation was formed July 20, 2015 by President Devon J. Kearney At this current time there are two political parties in Plymouth, Republican and Democrat. Leader of the Republican Party is Benjamin Norris, Leader of the Democrat Party is Devon Kearney. Laws in Plymouth follow all laws in place by the US Government, other than the use of Marijuana. Marijuana is legally used medically and recreationally in Plymouth. The Republic of Plymouth has one territory in Northern Michigan,USA known as "The 80". It is on 80 wooded acres with a small building used for camping. The only current export from all of Plymouth comes from "The 80" which is Spring Water.

Plymouth Territories

The current territories of Plymouth are:

The 80 which is a territory located in Northern Michigan, USA