The 80

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The 80
A Territory of Plymouth
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of The 80]]
File:Northern Michigan, USA
CapitalWhite Township
Official languagesEnglish
• President
Devon J. Kearney-Independent
• Governor
Jean Kearney-Democrat
• Census
CurrencyPlymouth Dollar, US Dollar
Time zoneEST

Background Information

"The 80" was discovered in the early 1930s by John V. Lindsay. John was the captain of a freighter coming in and out of Rogers City,MI and was looking for land out of the small lake town. He found the land, on 80 Acres (where the name comes from) and bought it. He built a small cabin him and his brother moved into. They built stables all over the property, along with other building throughout the 80 acres. There was a large fire in this area and most of the buildings were lost, except for the cabin which is still standing to this day. John Lindsay owned the property until his death, and gave it to his sister. At this point, John was a millionaire and left money to his sister, brother, and niece. After the death of his sister Jean, the land was separated out to her three kids. The land where the cabin sits was given to Governor Jean Kearney, the swamp was given to one son, and a large portion to the other son. The son in possession of the swamp sold it to Jean and took his money and left the property, the other two kept their halves.

"The 80" Today

Today, the current "80" territory is booming. There is a small garden being made, along with a new large pond in the woods which was recently man made. In the late 1980s, Governor Jean Kearney had a cabin built on the property which is the current Capital of "The 80". The territory is sectioned into two parts which is marked by the creek, one side is more developed than the other. On the opposite side of the original "80" cabin, there are hunting blinds, garages, a large home, and a storage building. A large flag pole is to be placed in an empty part of the territory to fly the Plymouthian flag.