Republic of Pagia

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Republic of Pagia

I Used To Not Like Jocistan!
Durham, United Kingdom
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular (de facto)
Short namePagia
GovernmentDemocracy, Republic
- PresidentSam Page
- Prime MinisterSam Page (de facto)
EstablishedMarch 2018
CurrencyPound Sterling (de facto)
Time zoneGMT

The Republic of Pagia (formerly the Republic of I Do Not Like Jocistan) is a micronation in Durham, U.K., formed in early March 2018. It was formed originally as a barrier to the creation of the Free Democratic People's Soviet Socialist Republic of Jocistan, but since the resolution of its war with Jocistan, it has become a more rounded nation.


Establishment and Beginning of Conflict With Jocistan

I Do Not Like Jocistan was established in March 2018 in response to the formation of the Free Democratic People's Soviet Socialist Republic of Jocistan, with the sole objective of preventing Jocistan from surviving as a nation. Its founder, Sam Page, appointed himself President, and declared war on Jocistan. For a brief time a Prime Minister was also employed, but then defected to the Jocistani side, establishing a Jocistani air force. President Page's tactics were very poor, and he was soon captured by the Jocistanis and sent to the gulag. Once the Autocracy of Jackistan intervened on the Jocistani side, the war was clearly lost. The territory was partitioned between the two victorious powers, though the President escaped the Jocistani gulag.

Continuation of War

The I Do Not Like Jocistani Tribe then declared themselves a "nomadic nation" without any fixed territorial claims. Despite having clearly lost the war against Jocistan, they did not formally surrender, continuing guerrilla operations against Jocistan. On the 3rd of April 2018, the British Empire recognised I Do Not Like Jocistan as a non territorial sovereign entity and has offered to give them an embassy for a government in exile.

Ceasefire With Jocistan

On 18 May 2018, a ceasefire was negotiated between I Do Not Like Jocistan and the Free Democratic People's Soviet Socialist Republic of Jocistan, following which President Page was admitted into the Jocistani Supreme Leader's V.I.P. Box for a Jocistani M.M.A match.

Resumption of Hostilities With Jocistan

However, the ceasefire would prove short - lived, with the I Do Not Like Jocistanis soon openly withdrawing from it.

Final Resolution of Conflict With I Do Not Like Jocistan

On 4 June 2018, Jocistan negotiated a resolution to the conflict with I Do Not Like Jocistan, whereby Jocistan would withdraw from the formerly I Do Not Like Jocistani lands that it occupied, and I Do Not Like Jocistan renaming itself the "Republic of Pagia". Whilst Jackistan did also reluctantly agree to the hostilities, it is yet to announce any withdrawal from the territories that it occupies.