Republic of Macadamia

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The Republic of Macadamia is a democratic republic. Formerly the Republic of Nasatroe, it is a very active micronation in the MicroWiki Community and a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations. It was founded on July 28, 2010 by Joseph Baker.


The Empire of Nasatroe was founded sometime in 2002 by Joseph Baker. It went through long stretches of inactivity and lacked seriousness. The founder did not discover micronationalism until the latter part of 2007. The Republic of Nasatroe was then founded on September 9, 2008, which saw various constitutions and government systems. In February 2009 the Kingdom of Mufasa came into being with its sole goal to destroy the Nasatraian state. In February 2010 the Principality of Nasatroe was created, about two weeks later the Democratic Republic of Nasatroe was created, at this time hostilities with the Kingdom of Mufasa peaked, culminating in several battles over the contested Eagles Creek region. In June Mufasa became active again which led to the June Offensive, which led Nasatroe to its doom. The Kingdom of Mufasa held Nasatroe for one week before the revolution begun.

Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution took place between July 25, 2010, through July 28, 2010. The Glorious Revolution was started by a group of Macadamians when they stormed the Mufasan local government office. Members of this storming included key figures such as Joseph Baker and General Longstreet. The Mufasan government sent troops into Macadamia to quell the rioters. This culminated into the Battle of Victoria which the Macadamians won. A new government was set up on July 28, 2010, which caused the end of the revolution.


The government of Macadamia is a presidential democracy. The President is the head of state and of government. The current president is Joseph Baker. The legislature is called the Chamber of Deputies. The government has power over the Victoria region.