Republic of Hillsborough

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Republic of Hillsborough

July 21st 2012 —
December 30th 2012

Flag of St. Petersburg, Florida.gifHillsborough County Fl Seal.jpg

From Shore to Shore, We are One
Capital cityClearwater
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Any Accepted
GovernmentPresidential Republic
- PresidentIvan Abernathy
Establishedde facto - July 21st 2012
de jure - August 1st 2012
Area claimed1,874 sq mi
CurrencyNational - Hillsboroughite Sand Dollar
New Canadian - Wis Franc
Time zoneEST (-4:00)
National drinkOrange Juice
National animalRoseate Spoonbill
Patron saintSt. Philippe

The Republic of Hillsborough was a small developing nation in Florida. It was the Southernmost Constituent nation in New Canada. As of 2012, The Republic of Hillsborough had 2,145,768 people, Which made it the most populated and most densely populated Nation in New Canada. Tampa was the Most populated city in Hillsborough AND New Canada, with 335,000 people, beating the Former Record (Swindon of the Republic of Merica) by more than 100,000 people.


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Administrative Divisions

The Republic of Hillsborough had the following Subdivisions:

  • State of Pinellas
    A VERY LARGE map of Hillsborough
    • County of De Soto
    • County of Gandy
    • County of Seminole
  • State of Wabasha
    • County of Beach
    • County of Tarpon
    • County of Farmland
  • State of Tampa
    • County of MacDill
    • County of Tampa
    • County of Northern
    • County of Brandon
  • State of Hillsborough
    • County of Ruskin
    • County of Southern
    • County of Corner

Foreign Relations

Hillsborough was allied with the same nations as the States of New Canada.


New Canada Union Flag.pngStates of New Canada - July 21, 2012