Republic of Bogdan

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Republic of Bogdan (Revolted)
Bogdanian Flag.jpgImage1.jpg

"Fellowship is life"
Yarmak - Get up [1]
Capital cityWisler
Largest cityNew Olympia
Official language(s)English, Ukrainian
- PresidentAndrii Pryymak
- Vice PresidentKai Peterson
Area claimed~2 Acres (approximately)
Population15 (as of 2020)
CurrencyBogdanian Yam
Time zonePacific Standard Time
National sportMMA
National animalMoose

Government website

The Republic of Bogdan is a Micronation Located Mid Washington State. That fell in 2020.


Name Population Area Establishment Region Governor
тур Богдан (Tur Bogdan) 0 North America 1 May 2020 [2] North America Kai Peterson


Name Population Establishment Region Governor Towns/Cities
Pryymak Oblast 10 16, April 2019 North America Andrii Pryymak New Olympia
Wisler Oblast 4 12, April 2019 North America Andrii Pryymak Wisler City
Mid Oblast 1 15, April 2019 North America Kai Peterson N/A
Lone Oblast 0 12, April 2019 North America Patrick Heese N/A


Bogdan has a long a rich history, it has been a monarchy, Federal Republic and now a Republic. Bogdan Has had allies with only Three Micronations, United Republics of Michigan, Republic of Greenia and Johnny Land, Only two survived, United Republics of Michigan and Republic of Greenia. Bogdan Broke ties with Johnny land shortly after he raided Aeternia's discord server. Bogdan is now working on their Currency called The YAM. Bogdan is also expanding land for their colony "тур Богдан (Tur Bogdan)". Bogdan hopes to Allie with the Kingdom Of Jehovah, And finally Bogdan has a very big focus on tourism so, they hope to start a skiing resort in their new colony. An has fellon and broken don into United Oblasts of Ratstovia