Republic of Alista

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Republic of Alista

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Forsa ai unita (Strength in unity)

Main territory.

Capital city Alista
Largest city Alista
Official language(s) Alistan
Demonym Alistan

Government Parliamentary republic
- President Tobias Andersson
- Premier Johan Mikaels

Formation 03 March 2016
Population 437 (2016 estimate)
Currency Alistan krona (ASK) (until recently Alistan korona - AKR)
Date format yyyy-dd-mm

Alista, or the Republic of Alista, (Swedish: Republik Alista; Alistan: Republiken Alistin; Esperanto: Respubliko de Alista) is a parliamentary republic located in the United States. Alista was founded in March 2016, based on a plan to reorganize the former Vinland. The Republic of Alista was established by President Tobias Andersson after the former Vinnish president Martti Johansson resigned from office. Alistan territories include an American vineyard, an American ranch, a research center, and an Argentinian ranch. Claims that are not recognized by any sovereign entity include Marie Byrd Land, which is disputed with Westarctica. Alista has a total of around 1700 square miles.