Relations of USI and Lomellina

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Relations of USI and Lomellina signifies diplomatic relations, treaties, alliances and other correspondence between the Republic of USI (now Usian Republic) and the Principality of Lomellina. Diplomatic relations between the two nations, regarded by most external sources as micronations, were officially announced on 15 August 2014. Since then Lomellina and USI were on excellent terms for several months. The Republic of USI identifying as secessionist, and Lomellina becoming apparent as simulationist, the two nations later began drifting apart, but not dissolving diplomatic ties. When the Principality of Lomellina was informally dissolved, the Republic of USI officially cut diplomatic relations.

Micronation comparison

Republic of USI Principality of Lomellina
Population 33 17
Area 1612060 km² (622000 mi²) ~2683.741 km² (1036.2 mi²)
Population density 10/km² (16/sq mi) (not including Antarctic Territory and Bir Tawil)
Capital USI City Castello di Valle
Largest city Patton – 3 (4 Metro) Scandia Colles
Government Republic Absolute Monarchy, Principality
First Leader Gabriel N. Pelger Ansaldo I da Lomellini
Current Leader Gabriel N. Pelger D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer
Official languages English, German (de facto and de jure) Italian (de jure) Portugese (de facto)
Official religions None (secular) Deism
Ethnic groups
GDP (nominal)
Military expenditures $127.28 (FY 2014) Note: MS and former NDA counted together No expenditures

Treaties and alliances

Since the beginning of their formal diplomatic relations, the USI Republic and Lomellina both signed one treaty.


Termed by USI the "Deed of Mutual Recognition and Political Trust 1A" (U-DMRPT-1A), the Republic of USI and Lomellina signed, and the latter also ratified, a bilateral treaty promising mutual recognition and a further political correspondence between the two nations. Each of the countries signed different documents pertaining to the same treaty. The Usian version listed all responsibities, while the Principality's document showed only the signature and footnote.

Section 1

The Republic of USI and the Principality of Lomellina hereby declare a state of mutual recognition and political trust.

— Section 1 of the UMRPT-1A

Section 1 is the main article of the 'deed', as the Republic of USI terms the treaty. "Political trust" here means the willingness to be politically friendly and not impose, for instance, unnecessary trade barriers.

Section 2

USI and Lomellina declare themselves ready to aid each other should one be attacked, in any way the respective nation sees fit.

— Section 2 of the UMRPT-1A

Should one nation be attacked, the other will give as much aid as it likes. This part can be regarded as an alliance; However, as the "aid" can be as little as offering condolences that a war started, this is not widely done.

Section 3

USI and Lomellina shall at all times from now on do their best to maintain diplomatic relations and are open to further deeds.

— Section 3 of the UMRPT-1A

Section 3 is also a vital part of the treaty, as it paves the road for further treaties and guarantees continued correspondence between the two countries.

Section 4

This deed expires on 14.08.2016, and must be renewed then.

— Section 4 of the UMRPT-1A

The treaty had an expiration date on which it would have had to be renewed, to ensure that it was not forgotten. Hence the "1A" in the Republic of USI's code for the treaty (U-DMRPT-1A).