Reichskommissariat Presland

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Reichskommissariat Presland
—  Territorial Entity belonging to Ausveria  —


Motto: "Nunquam non paratus"
Country Ausveria
Founded 7/26/2021
 - Reichskommissar Benson I
 - Total 14.78883 km2 (5.7 sq mi)
 - Land 14.7851392669 km2 (5.7 sq mi)
 - Water 0.0036907331 km2 (0 sq mi)
Elevation 1,706.88 m (5,600 ft)
 - Total 1
Time zone Mountain standard time

Reichskommissariat Presland is a territory of Ausveria located in Arizona.


Reichskommissariat Presland was formally established July 26, 2021, when its first mandate was released. As of Sept. 5, 2021, two new districts were established: Granite District and Mercury District, named after materials found within the Districts.


The Culture of Reichskommissariat Presland varies from that of mainland. While the Capital, Brittany, focuses on Italian-German culture, Presland focuses on a traditional American culture. Presland's laws also shape its culture to be greatly pro-outdoors.


Music in Presland is available through CDs, which range from classical music to some 1980s music. Most music available is from the 1950s and 1960s.


The Reichskommissary promotes more classic styles of clothing, such as those from the 1930s to 1950s while frowning upon modern styles. For Government Employees, there is a dress code of wearing suits or a uniform. Dress uniforms are designed with light colors to fit the warm climate.


There is an active movement against modern slang terms in Presland, and a focus on more academic vocabulary.


Reichskommissariat Presland is a national park, and thus hiking and camping are popular activities. Biking is also promoted as motor vehicles are banned in Presland and the only roads are trails and an overpass.


The administration of Presland is staffed by the Reichskommissar and can issue local mandates and laws. Currently, there have been no policies written into paper.


Presland is the garrison for the Legio Desertum. With its large and open area, the Reichskommissariat can adequately serve the Legion's training needs.


Climate Graph of Presland, includes Precipitation and Elevation

Reichskommissariat Presland is located in Central Arizona, in a mountainous desert climate. In the summers it has a hot, dry heat and in the winters it has a colder climate with a few inches of snow.